Saturday is No Screen Day

March 11, 2017

Living without your iPhone is the next big thing. No Screen Day is nothing new actually. There is a Screen-Free Week. Every year, the first week of May is the “screen-free week”.This concept started by Adbusters magazine some other contributors to call Americans have TV-free Week.

My idea of No Scree Day is little more easy and intense at the same time. You only do this screen diet once a week which is very easy to keep up with. You might feel intense because It’s every single week. I promised you once you started to have no screen day at least two-three times, you are gonna see the difference and feel amazing.

Ideally, I suggest you start your No Screen Day in the spring time. This is the best season the give a break from your phone and every other single screen. Let me tell you how Fatih and I started this screen free days. First of all, I started this year. Fatih is a year ahead of me. But because of he starts to do this automatically I affected by this new habit. He plans his Saturday the day before. He arranges his Yoga class, takes notes and wakes up very early every Saturday. After his yoga class, he goes to Union Sq Farmer’s Market. And I generally join him at the organic market.

Later, we have a breakfast and go around in the city. Of course, not every single Saturdays pass like this. Because of the off-screen day, we started new hobbies. Fatih started to work with woods. I started to make DIY stuff which I’ve never been fond of before. (See my DIY pom pom sneakers.)

Hobby day at Washington Square Park with #piano man. 

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Believe me, allowing yourself a free time from all the technology just once a week makes an incredible difference. And I kind of enjoy to takes notes on an actual notebook and write the address down, try to meet with friends on time at the corner of agreed location feels amazing and nostalgic as we used to do so.