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Newest Silicon Alley School: TurnToTech

December 10, 2013

Town has new school guys.

I personally used their free co-working space couple of times. The best thing about TurnToTech is their location. TTT is just near by Flatiron Building. You can attend so many free events, use their free co-working space and also apply to their iOS programming course. Then again TurnToTech has a special offer for who wants to apply for their course.

Come learn to code with us and don’t pay a thing until you land a job!!

Are these guys crazy or something? Nope, best idea about is a simple marketing attack for the other schools. NY Tech education market is heating. TurnToTech is another proof for that.

If you are really  interested with these guys, you can read the rest of the article.

Meet TurnToTech, a new tech school located in New York City’s “Silicon Alley”. Does technology rule your roost? Is your mind swirling with ideas for apps that will bring us from our current neanderthal-ish state to living like George and Judy Jetson? If this at all sounds like you, you may want toss the other half of that chipotle burrito into the ice box and get your gluteus maximus down to 184 5th ave, 4th Floor. TurnToTech is a tech school with a primary focus on mobile software development. Whether you’re looking for assistance bringing your app idea to fruition or to learn the newest ins and outs of software development and start a career as a software engineer, TurnToTech offers it all. Well, not everything, they’re not serving cronuts just yet. TurnToTech offers techies, entrepreneurs, students and professionals a space in which they can learn, create, and collaborate.

In their accelerator based 12 week program – students first learn the art of coding and software development in an intense 6 week training program. And then… then it gets wild! We’re talking a 6 week internship during which students build live apps that they launch into that alternate universe we refer to as the app store. That’s right, hands on experience building real apps with Amazon backend! So what makes their training and internship program so different from their brethren? TurnToTech focuses on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Students therefore not only learn how to code but also how to implement what they’ve learned. Not impressed yet? Well get this, they give students IP equity in the apps they help build during their internships. Their educational programs range from iOS, which will be the platform of choice for the inaugural course, to Amazon Cloud development, Android, and a slew of others to follow. Another funky factor about TurnToTech is it’s pricing and payment structure. They offer loans, payment plans AND scholarships! Don’t have one of those fancy new fandangled computer things of your own? Not to worry my little geek squad, they provide each student with a Mac to use for the duration of the course. Students will also have free access to job fairs, top tech recruiters, and all other events hosted or sponsored by these tech tycoons.

So who’s behind all this madness? The founders Aditya Narayan and Harish Shadadpuri are seasoned technology entrepreneurs who founded 1 to 1 Tutor a successful online Math education service that has tutored over 20,000 students over the past 6 years. 1to1Tutor recieved US Government approval under No Child Left Behind in over 15 US states. Aditya holds an MS and BS in Physics from IIT Kanpur – India’s top tech school. He has a successful track record of building businesses and rolling out large-scale technology solutions. He was a top technology executive at Marvel (that’s right, MARVEL, now pick your jaw and your IPhone up off the ground) , Starwood Hotels and a few other well known companies. He was also the founder of QCD Microsystems, which developed the highly popular Windows-Linux interoperability platform ‘InterStructures. At 1to1 Tutor he pioneered online math tutoring in the US starting in 2005. And he has written plenty of well-regarded technical articles published by IBM.

Harish has a long track record of successful startups and venture investment. In 2006, he co-founded 1to1 Tutor and has been instrumental in growing the company from 200 to 20,000 students.

Get this, in addition to their software development courses TurnToTech offers a free co-working space and a free event space. So whether you’re looking to bounce ideas off of other members of the intellectual upper echelon (yeah, keep believing that, one day…) or host a GTA-V hackathon they’ve got all the bases covered. Oh, and lest not we forget the view from the wall of windows. You’ll feel like you’re in a skybox at a Jets vs. Patriots game. Just replace the linebackers and quarterbacks with taxis and galavanting tourists. The Free Co-working area is open daily Mon – Fri from 9:30AM – 6:30PM. For internships, courses, event dates and inquiries just give them a call at 212-924-8324 or visit their website at