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My Secret Double Life as a Fashion Blogger

December 12, 2017

This is the question that all of us should ask. So what is fashion blogging nowadays? Flawless skin, perfect makeup, 24/7 nicely done hair, expensive travels… A Glamour lifestyle! What about my secret double life as a fashion blogger?

Whenever I check on my favourite bloggers they drive me to check on this new cool bag or this new brand that only IT girls can afford. I remember the days that the content was the king, styling was the king with the vintage pieces. The bloggers like Gary Pepper Girl or Tuula Vintage were true street style  (I meant real street style, not the ones with thousand dollars worth bags or shoes) girls. I miss those old days.

Shirt: Zara  | Sandals: Gucci| Hat: Isabel Marant Etoile (similar)| Bag: Nasty Gal (similar to Manu Atelier) | Bracelets: Michael Kors (similar)

It’s very hard to publish something very normal. Every single photo should be the ones comes out from a magazine. You either should have sharp darker aesthetics or black white girl who has no colour in her world to be the sake of minimal. If you are in the middle you counted as not “the creative” one.

I remembered when I attended one of the parties of Fohr Card last year, I was complaining to some of the brand managers that they never selected me for any of their campaigns. They immediately asked how my Instagram look like. They think If I didn’t have a significant style, the brand see no fit for them.  I showed my account they were surprised because I had something like this at that time. As you see in below, blue colours on the heavy side. I have a focus, I don’t upload random photos. Still, It’s not enough.

When you see perfectly curated Instagram photos, It must be easy. Or when you see that glamour life of a fashion blogger, all these girls make money just because they are looking pretty in the photos, they have money to buy all these shoes, bags, clothes… In some cases It’s true. If you already born into the money you have connections and money to built a  profile in this business.

If you are starting from scratch, believe It’s the hardest job. I know most of the first generation bloggers were not the rich kids. They were just girls who have a passion for clothes. But they were lucky because they were the first peoples in the blogosphere. I am swimming with more than 28.3 million blogs in this ocean. Feels like a lot right? Perhaps all the fish find food in this ocean but there is another cruel truth that big fish always eats the small fish.

Since I become a mom It’s been even harder. I can’t meet my photographer as I used to be. Because She is working full time. I can’t leave my babies more than max 3 hours. So I can’t go to Manhattan as I used to be.  All my photos were taken with iPhone nearby in my neighbourhood after my babies were born. They might not be the best ones but I still do my best to give the best outcome to my followers.

I can’t do my make up, can’t go to blowout bars, can’t go to nail salons… I don’t even go to events that PR companies invited me to. Because I always have to calculate my time. I only go to events or parties that make sense for my brand and worth to give my time. To be honest, If the brand doesn’t add value me financially or as branding than I prefer to spend time with my babies. Since I am a full-time blogger and a mom, my priorities are different now.

So my secret double life as a Fashion Blogger is not very easy as seen on my Instagram or my blog. I really don’t have any time to put all my sh*t in order. If any of you want to be a intern for me, you are very welcome to help me out.

That’s my 2018 goal, growing alley girl to afford a full-time employee. Wish me luck, follow me on IG or like my FB page and click my ads, use my affiliate links to contribute to my dream. 🙂

Truly yours, your simple, humble fashion blogger… what is fashion blogging any way?