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Motherhood: How Do I Do with Twins?

November 21, 2019

There is one question I have been asked more than ever for the last 2 years. How do I do it with twins? Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t even have time to breathe, relax and think about it.

Even though my twins are 2 years old now, I always feel like It has been 3 years that I am not thinking about myself fully. Since my long and kind of problematic pregnancy, there is one thing to keep coming to my mind. My girls and my new life around them.

I can’t lie. It’s really hard to let go of things about yourself and think about it others constantly. I had a privilege to not to work before. It’s not the case anymore for example. Since we get back to New York after our seven and half months long slow cross country trip, I needed to find a job, but also trying to maintain my blogging. Trying to figure it out all the other things like cooking, cleaning, trying to find some time for husband and of course, playing and engaging with my twins. I kind of feel sad for myself when I talk about it out loud right now. When I do these things constantly, I am not even aware of how occupied I am all-the-time.

Some times It’s really hard. I really need some help to keep my self-calm, or sometimes I need to boost my energy. In one of those moments I have discovered PLUS CBD Infused Gummies. I have tried 2 of the gummies out of 3. I take the one for UPLIFT which has grapefruit taste with Vitamin B infused and BALANCE is with blueberry flavour. Both Uplift and Balance gummies have 50mg of CBD and fewer than 5 calories each gummy.

CBD is a very popular word especially this year. I have a couple of experiences with it actually. I personally find quite helpful to reduce my anxiety and stress. Most people I know also use CBD for sleep problems especially my husband. And he really likes PLUS CBD infused Sleep gummies. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with sleep because I am exhausted when I go to bed 🙂.

If you are first time user, I suggest you to use one gummy at a time to see your body’s needs. And I think starting CBD with a gummy the best way. Everything is so much fun if it’s in a Gummy form 😋.

My friends at PLUS give me this code to share with you if you want to give it a try. Use my JUSTRIGHT15 code to get 15% off for your orders on The code is going to expire on 12/15/19.

Going back to question how I do it with twins. Love, patience but also help like these make it happens.

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