Monday Briefs no. 2 Focusing Job Applications

January 20, 2020

It’s Monday, and this is my second Monday Briefs. As I mentioned in my previous Monday Brief, I plan to talk about my weekly plans and try to suggest you new things in the city and the latest findings of my daily life.

I visited Knoxville last week, and I don’t think that work opportunity is going to work for me, unfortunately.

Monday Briefs No. 2

I have a couple of promising job opportunities from last week. Very excited about all these but It’s very soon to give details on them. If you want to help me with my job-seeking, please leave a comment about this. Or please give my LinkedIn profile to your friends who might look for someone like me for their company. And yes, I am a digital marketing expert.

Blogger Crush segment is coming back as I mentioned my previous briefs. I am very excited about this one. Please stay tuned for Wednesday to hear this very talented blogger friend of mine.

I will be publishing my latest Youtube video review about Nest Frangrances this Thursday. Stay tuned. It’s one of my newest obsession. I try to post my videos every Thursday this year.

Tomorrow, I will write my first fashion tech post of the year. See you soon.