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Lavender Takeover of The Fashion World: 5 Days Violet Challenge

March 12, 2018

Wherever you look at, you’ll see this colour. If somebody told me I am gonna love this colour for jeans, jackets, skirts, dress and for a sweater, I’ll probably think twice. Especially for jeans? Really? So I’ve decided to challenge my style to create Lavender Takeover of The Fashion World: 5 Days Violet Challenge series.

Padded Jacket: Asos | Jeans: Zara (similar here) | Loafers: Sam Edelman | Bag: Mango (similar)


Even though I have hesitations toward this colour, it works in a strange way. Or our poor psychology got effected very easily with the all magazines, blog posts and bloggers promotions. I don’t like affected by somebody or media this much. You can be a fashion fiction so easily but when you manage to incorporate these extraordinary colours and give a chance to change your personality, It is sometimes better to find styling this way.

So, today, I decided to start my take on ultraviolet colour with this padded jacket. It’s very comfy and keeping me warm really. I prefer to style this with a simple white look still wanna add some more colour to my shoes and bag. I actually don’t like to be too matchy with my shoes and bag combo but I’ve tried my black bag with this look and with the black bag, it looks even more complex with 4 different colours. This is why I still feel like it doesn’t bother me that much this bag and loafer kind of have the same colour.

Let’s check this season’s best violet Style pieces.

Tomorrow I’ll share my skirt option with lilac. Let’s see how that’s gonna turn out. 🧜🏼‍♀️ The tomorrow’s article is gonna be with my all writers for the first time. I am very excited to have them all on the board. I am gonna introduce all of them one by one soon.