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Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

October 17, 2018

I know most of you already attended the Halloween parties during the weekend. But the ones who are lazy not to prepare for Halloween. Here is your opportunity to attend parade! Here are some accessories easy to use and cheap options. Actually, you can wear some these on some other occasions (Burning Man) or parties (Coachella). Don’t forget to attach your Halloween looks under this post in the comment section. I’m gonna feature one of you in my social media accounts.

The main image is by my beautiful friend Katya 

Here is the list of Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

Rick and Morty Halloween Masks are here. Who doesn’t want to be Rick or Morty? Great and simple and very cheap idea!!!

Urban Outfitters Rick and Morty Masks $16 $18

Black Pleather Catsuit Halloween Costume $69  | Bunny Ears $12

This costume is called Influencer Costume but I think It’s more like Kim K.

Influencer Halloween Costume Set $59.00

ASOS Halloween relaxed long sleeve t-shirt with rib cage cut-out in black $26.00

ASOS Makeup Halloween kit – haunted $24  

ASOS Petite Halloween bite Bardot mini dress $35

ASOS Glamorous unicorn Halloween Wig $38

ASOS Halloween blood drip cut out midi dress $40

ASOS HALLOWEEN headband with floral and novelty deer antlers in black $16

I mean It’s great what a mask or simple makeup tools can make, right? This is why I like to go with simple looks. And I am really tired to keep thinking about who should I become this year. every year is the same struggle. So I am very happy with masks and make up oriented looks for Halloween? So how do you like, are you more on a side of big plans?

I hope you guys enjoy Halloween for my self too. I am no good for the last two years. It’s been hard to go anywhere with kids I don’t how to do with 1-year-old twins. But I really can not wait to buy Halloween costumes for them near future. It’s gonna be really awesome. I am dreaming about making this Yoda outfit for them even before they were born.

What do you gonna do if you are a huge Star Wars Fan?

Please show me your outfits in the comment section so I’ll feature your looks on my social media accounts.

Enjoy the list!!

Until next time.