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Me? A Lady style? Oh Yeah

April 24, 2015

A Lady style? Sure Why not?

I recently wrote about my rebellious style and how I felt uncomfortable being one. 🙂

It is all about archetypes. My archetype should be “loyality”. This is why I don’t feel OK with being rebel. After this previous statement of mine, I start to feel like “ugly”, “virgin”, “older” sister that you see on Adam Sandlerish movies.

As I mentioned before this photos were taken at least 3 weeks ago. This is why the lake looks frozen at the background. Think about me. I was literally freezing and I broke my thumb’s nail. It isn’t still recover properly. Everybody was staring me if I am crazy or something. But I don’t care people that I never see in my life again. This shooting taught me so many things like I need to lose my extra 10-15 pounds 🙂


Anyway my journey with Tita hasn’t come to the end yet. Second part of our photo shooting was young, urbanite , professional, sophisticated woman conversely to first one. I feel more confident with this look. Because my style has been mostly classic like this one before I came to NY. New York made me more hip, young and stylish. Now I feel like I didn’t have any particular style before NY.








Now you see two different kind of me. Which one looks more like me?

Rebellious or Lady like?

Trench coat: Zara (similar here)

Shirt: H&M V Neck Blouse

Skirt: Prada (similar here)

Shoes: Ralph Lauren Suede Celia Pump

Clutch: Cashhimi Mulberry (similar here)