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Me? Rebellious Style? I don’t think so

April 6, 2015

I just write about archetypes and brands. We can consider the archetype is character of a brand. I think It is same for people as well. If you can manage a personal brand for a public figure (like Kate Middleton) then we are the people should have archetypes, too.

We made this photos shooting almost 2 weeks ago. It was sunny but cold New York day. Me and my newly friends Tita and Natthakan  worked at least 2 hours to get this incredible shots.

I chose two different looks for this shooting. Tita and I tried to expose two different character of mine. One was rebellious like and the other lady like.






To me It was difficult to make this rebellious look. Because I believe that I don’t have any rebellious particle in my soul. 🙂 I am really normal person who is OK with that but also appreciate the people who are brave , stubborn about their cause. I enjoy to act like rebellious like look, though.

What I want to point it out is your archetype should match your soul like it should be in brands’. But I also believe that you can wear and be whatever you feel or like. But It is always good to know who you are, right?

And I know I am a little bit everything!


Trenchcoat: Zara (similar here)

Jeans: Mavi Jeans (similar here)

T-shirt: Zara (similar here)

Jean Shirt: Zara 

Crossbag: Cashhimi

Boots: Alexander Wang x HM 

Sunglasses: Ray Ban  Folding Wayfarer

Hat: Goorin Bros New Orleans


P.S. Tita is a student at NYU but she does freelanse photoshooting. Contact to her here. You can mention this article It would help.