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How to Look Good Every Day? Always Mix Your New And Old Closet

December 4, 2019

Rule-1 Always Mix Your New And Old Closet

This is my number one (perhaps only) rule since day one I started to share my looks at the internet. At first, I didn’t have that many money to buy every single new trend. That’s why I started my looks with creating cute outfits with my existing items from my wardrobe.

Sunglasses: Zara (similar from Kenzo on sale)

And to be honest It’s extremely unrealistic (and harmful to our planet) to buy so many new clothes all the time. Even though we have this luxury to buy things at a very reasonable price.

The year 2015 was an interesting one for me. I was finally more confident sharing my looks on the internet. And I had a fair paying job and I had a $500 monthly budget just for new clothes. I think that’s insane. Who has that much money and energy to buy that many clothes all the time?

Pearl chain for sunglasses
Chanel Vintage

Over the years, I wanted to talk about different things about the industry. Unspeakable ones. And then I realized more than ever that fashion is the second biggest industry is harming to our planet. And that’s because of the fast fashion domination of the industry.

There are other things made me more careful about my shopping habits. I realized that shopping is like heroin sometimes. When I buy new things I fell happy for a while. Until I receive my package, wear for the first time whatever thing I buy and then I slowly lose that happiness effect. I have a relationship with fashion with an evil twist of never-ending satisfaction.

Mavi jacket on sale now

Last 2 years, I was more aware of my shopping. I only bought my 1-2 items this whole fall season. It’s like a miracle for my standards. But I am happier than ever.

So the thing is not about looking good all the time but feeling happy about it. And I am really happy with my decision to “Always Mix Your New And Old Closet“.

Skirt: Zara old season
Watch from Brooklyn Flea market, Seiko
Luna Lock Necklace from Daisy Jewellery

Here are some benefits of using this.

  • It always keeps your creativity high.
  • Makes you grounded.
  • Makes you aware of the bigger picture about the one of the biggest issue (heard global warming, right?) of today’s world.
  • People always ask you about your old clothes (where did you get that). It’s a very good ice breaker actually.
Boots, Sam Edelman on sale
Sheertex unbreakable tights on sale now.

So I hope you like my post and look. In this look, my only new item is this Mavi Jacket which was a gift from the brand. I hope I explain and show you how to accomplish polish and good look without trendy pieces.