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H&M x Kenzo What Not to Buy

October 15, 2016

Finally H&M x Kenzo collaboration pieces are shown to the public. To be honest I am more excited for Kenzo comparing to last year’s Balmain craziness. I have to admit that I was kind of crazy for a little for that collaboration,too but I learned my lesson.

First of all, I was so proud of myself because I bought every piece that I want from online store. I’ve never crazy for anything to wait in the long lines (Ok I lied, I was 30 min early one time for a book signing). I knew what I will buy. A day earlier from the launch, I prepared all the clothes on the different tabs on my chrome browser. I wake up around 30 min earlier than usual to prepare to “refresh the page battle”

I already regretted to 2 pieces I bought when I received them. The pink skirt and the sateen harem pants. I just wear one those pants. They made look at least 3-4 pounds larger, and the pink skirt was so out there, so every single person knows that’s H&M x Balmain skirt. It is little shameful after I learned somebody almost stabbed after crazy store opening in London. I don’t wanna be side by side with this kind of fashion incident. But I am so proud of that crazy blazer and the embroidered pearl and stone shirt. They are totally classic pieces that I wanna wear for years. So you should  always buy the safe pieces. It is ok to go little crazy on accessories.

So I decide to show my list for this year’s collaboration. Here what to buy and not to buy from H&M x Kenzo collaboration.


You can easily wear this with boyfriend or skinny jeans. Buy!


I also see this pants can be worn without getting any attention from the collaboration. Buy! (decide between previous piece with this one because you might not want same texture)




This is probably going to be another attention taker piece from the collaboration but I can’t resist to have these gloves for years. Buy!


Love these pink and gold details. I am not very sure of this piece but I took my risks with it. Buy!


The riskiest piece from the collaboration. Everybody wants to buy this one. I know It is the most expensive piece but still When you wear this dress, you are basically screaming I bought this from H&M designer collaboration. Still it is a beautiful statement dress. Don’t Buy!


You have no chance with this so big no! Don’t Buy!


I would buy this dress if I can have more budget for this collaboration. Buy!


The best option. A classic thing to have from these collaborations. Definitely Buy!


Probably going to be second symbol of H&M x Kenzo collaboration. Don’t Buy!