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HM x Balmain Red Skirt with Robert Clergerie

January 14, 2016

As you remember people got crazy about HM x Balmain Campaign. I got excited, too. Especially for that HM x Balmain Skirt  Nonetheless After I spent half K dollars on it, I decide not to become very excited about it and here is why:

I only one time wear this skirt and It got scratches at the bottom. After this shooting Fatih and I went to the Star Wars movie and we loved it so much so we watched the movie twice. People who know me knows better I can’t sit straight more then 10 min. So I kept slipping whole time at the movie theater’s uncomfortable seats. I assume because of bottom’s slide movement make those scratches on my Balmain skirt. I proudly create my header! Yes my skirt is not Balmain. It is HM x Balmain Skirt!!!

Skirt: H&M X Balmain, Turtleneck: Zara (similar here), Necklace: Grand Bazaar Istanbul (similar here), Shoes: Robert Clergerie Patsy.


Anyways I finally found a better look for my last pair “Pastsy” for my Robert Clergerie contest.

Patsy has a really strong structure. Sometimes It is really find that perfect match for some pieces. This why I feel like Patsy is not an easy girl.

Luckily I managed to shine her with this look.

What do you think?


P.S. I don’t beat anybody in the HM store line. I bought everything online. At at the end I am a half tech girl. 🙂