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Going to Playa Del Carmen with 6 Months Old Twins

April 20, 2018

I am excited and anxious mixed feelings all over. This is the first time travelling with my 6 months old twins. Either I might be crazy accepting such a journey or adventurous. Our journey has started with United flight from JFK to Cancun airport.

I must have done something very nice to someone, Karma was showing herself to me. Our first plane journey was as smooth as you can imagine. Neither of the babies has a single fuss about it. They have gone to sleep straight with the plane rising to the sky. (The only thing I did give them pacifiers when the plane was ascending to balance the pressure.) I heard so many horror stories from many moms about non stop crying babies. (Special thanks to the flight attendant who move me to larger room seat area so I can put my baby to sleep and she was holding her until my husband came to board.)

Our first Stop is No Other Place Than Hidden Gem of Yucatan: Playa Del Carmen

I am that nerd person who checks every fact about the places she visited. I can’t help it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I made a quick research about where does Playa Del Carmen name come from. Back in 70s-80s, the times of Instagram internet hasn’t come to millennia moms and dads when tourists started to discover the area, there was this Mayan woman called Carmen. She was the true Mayan who invites everyone to her house and shares her food with tourist. It’s commonly believed that the name comes from her.

We decided to rent spacious Jetta ( we were able to fit twins stroller, 3 full-size luggage). Later, we headed to 1-hour drive from Cancun airport to Playa Del Carmen.

Our Airbnb is not located in a very central area but still, 10 min car drive from the centre of the town. Later in the morning, Fatih did one of those surprises and he brings us the Brooklyn vibe coffee shop/ brunch spot called Lara & Luca on the road of Paseo Del Carmen mall. I’ve started my day with a healthy and nutritional choice since I don’t know what is waiting for me for the rest of the day with my very cute double trouble. I picked avocado toast with a soft boiled egg. After we talked to our lovely restaurant owner she kindly suggested us to leave our car and walk to Paseo Del Carmen mall to discover around. So we’ve decided to do that.

I couldn’t resist the monster inside of me who wants to go and check around in the mall. I left the twins with my mother in law and found our there were Berskha and Oysho in this mall. For those who don’t know anything about these brands. These are the sister brands of Zara. I still don’t know why they are not here in the USA. So I ended up buying this nightgown/ summer day dress for the rest of my trip.

Babies were doing fine in their stroller and blowing raspberries with their grandma when I came back. It was so hot so It’s better to keep them dehydrated all the time. And Sunscreen is another crucial thing that we never left behind. Then we ‘ve done what every single tourists before has done before us. Walk through the 5th Street. It’s street that you can find everything from souvenir to restaurants to ancient rain dancers.

Thank God My babies were so calm and nice as always. They didn’t make any fuss. One of the other thing you need to figure it out about travelling with babies. Please do not stress about it before. You really don’t know how your baby is going to react to a new climate or new environments. Just make the necessary research and be ready for potential problems. If you need any tools or medicine you just gave it to them and be with at the same stance with your baby. Don’t forget that they were a part of you just a few months ago. You have this incredible bond together and they sense when you talk to them. You will be so surprised after you see how they enjoy all these new things to them.

It was one of the best decisions we made: “Going to Playa Del Carmen with 6 Months Old Twins”.