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Fun Headphone Accessories with Motif Cables

February 20, 2017

Listening music is one of my favorite things while traveling from home to office or from office to anywhere in Manhattan. Most of the time messy cable is my nightmare. I mean I love my headphones but when It comes to cable it is really a pain. Because the cables keep messing up. And I just want to change the cable but keep the headphones.

So when I first heard about Motif Cables, I was kind of skeptical. I need to explain what is it first then to talk about it more. Motif Cables is a wearable audio cable that easily matching with the cable detachable headphones.

Why Motif Cables are Fun to Wear?

When I started to use them I understand I was mistaken about my skepticism because they have a very stylish design. You know me I always look to aesthetics and the design first and talk about how functional for me. This is why I created my blog in the first place. I love to use any kind of technology first but the design and fashion are always the equally important aspect of my decisions about the products I love.


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Can you imagine that I can use my cable as an accessory after I’ve done with my headphones? The best part is I use my cable as a headpiece or necklace or even as a belt and fold my headphone and keep it in my purse without any mess.

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Jacket (Vegan Leather): Asos
Jeans: Paige Denim
Boots: Marc Fisher
Headband, necklace, and belt:  Motif Cable Silver Cable and Motif Cables Rose Gold Extender



It is very practical and stylish. I even use one of the expandable cables as a purse strap for one of my clutch bag that has no strap and needed that for a long time. Because I really love the metallic plated design. You just need to be creative that’s all. Possibilities for these cables are endless.


Which one is the best way to reuse my cables? My favorite Motif is this beautiful headpiece. I really wanna hear from you how could you use them as an accessory that I haven’t try it yet.


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Thanks to Motif Cables for sponsoring this post.