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A Fashionable Headphones: Frends Review

I totally super crazy about Frends since last year. I wanted to buy it so bad. It wasn’t just because every major fashion blogger has it but It looks so stylish and fashionable. But I didn’t have a budget for this kind of expenses for a while.

I’m always on a hunt when I love something so much. It didn’t change this time, either. When you are determined to buy something but not want to pay more or can’t pay the full price, you always somehow find a way to buy that thing with a more reasonable price.

#myfrends from my wishlist just came in! Check my bio for special price. #christmasgift #yourfrend

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Yes, I did it. I found the way. So here is the deal. Frends make this huge Christmas deal. Almost every model they have somehow go on sale in different ways. I think the best deal was the first edition (unchangeable ear caps) Layla + Ella B earbuds. Total of $150 with $10 shipping and $10 tax. You generally find only Layla for $150 sometimes $175. That’s a very good deal!

Let’s put the prices aside and talk about how quality the products are. First of all, you should decide what kind of customer you are. Are you looking for headphones with an amazing sound quality or just the one has enough quality with the greatest design? If you are number two, you are the customer of Frends.

I’ve never been looking for the very best sound system but I do care about how stylish It looks like. I don’t think you have to buy the one with non-interchangeable caps. I mean It is good to have an option to change caps according to your look or mood but come on It already looks terrific without an extra effort. But if you are the person obsessed with matchy-matchy looks go for changeable caps version.

Rainy New York look #rain #newyork #outfit ☔️

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I love to use Layla mostly in the winter because I actually use it also as ear muffs. It has the softest leather. Your ears are not tired so soon. I love to use Ella summer or in the office but to be honest, Ella didn’t satisfy me. First of all, I hate inner ear buds. And this one came with that design probably is cheaper. And the sound quality is not good as Layla’s, worse than regular iPhone’s earbuds. And the cords are always getting too messy. Hate that but people still asks me where I bought them. 🙂

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Design: Great

Sound Quality: Great for me

Price: Manageable, worth it.

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Design: Great

Sound Quality: Booo

Price: Very reasonable. (I really don’t care because I never intentionally bought it came with Layla deal. 🙂 )


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UPDATE (December 28th, 2016): As I told on my Instagram, somebody stole my bag and my Layla headphones gone with my bag. I was so devastated about this. Because I literally kept some money to buy it like teenagers. I remembered I used to fancy rose gold one when I first bought it. So I bought regular gold because that was on the deal. Now I lost my gold one and bought rose gold a week ago. I still want my old regular gold, Layla. Because It meant more for me.