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Fashion Technology Trends in March 2018

April 9, 2018

I am here with another Fashion Technology Trends news. I want to keep a list reading this time to give small headlines from the industry. Please give me your feedback if you like the previous style better (Read February Summary). Check out our Fashion Technology Trends in March 2018.

SXSW Interactive Festival held in Austin Texas on March 9-13. One of the most exciting presentations made by Entrepreneur Camilla Olson who was in the festival to make a presentation about her fashion-tech software solution Savitude. Savitude uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to suggest clothes based on a customer’s size, shape and proportions.

Savitude was selected to be a part of Target’s retail accelerator, Techstars, which included two pilots of the software on Target’s website.*

Dress: Asos | Shoes: Gucci Marmont Mule Sandals | Bag: Chanel | Sunglasses: Quay

👛 Chanel made a strategic partnership with Farfetch. Chanel is known for being very traditional when It comes to e-commerce for ready to wear collection and handbags. But the company is selling fragrance, eyewear and beauty products online. Farfetch deal is about the Augmented Retail experience.

Headlines from Our Favorite Fashion Technology Companies

Millennials’ favourite brand, Everlane, just launched a retail store in San Francisco.

Atoms are designing the best shoe for every occasion. Get early access to their shoes.

Allbirds have raised $25M+ for their comfortable wool sneakers.

Outdoor Voices is like super technical athleisure for your weekend hikes.

👠 M.Gemi partners with family workshops in Italy to make all of your favourite flats, heels, and leather shoes the right way.

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The Fashion Tech Companies We Dig

👸 Mira is building a smart search and discovery platform for beauty. The data asset that combines indexed beauty content, including tutorials, influencers, reviews, images, articles and product descriptions, into a cosmetics “knowledge graph.” Check Mira from

👕 Cala is a special tool for fashion designers, which makes supply chain easier. Learn more about Cala from

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