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Eye-Tracking Dress Needed for Fashion Week

January 23, 2017

This is kind of old news. An eye-tracking dress by Ying Gao, the Canadian designer. She created this dress about 3 years ago if I’m not mistaken. (See the whole project (NO)WHERE (NOW)HERE)

She must have seen the opportunity from us wannabe street style icons working too hard to take attention of street style photographers for a potential Vogue, W Magazine feature during Fashion Weeks. 😀

Jokes are aside how is this dress illuminating by itself? Imagine, when a human form stares you in one of those days as what the hell she/he wearing?!, and all of a sudden your dress starts to shine as telling that old lady “Are you talking to me?” I wish I could own this dress when that old lady that I’m sharing my Lift with, told me this.

Anyways, when someone stares at you, the dress responds by its photo-luminescent fabric. It has very interesting movement It reminds me the slo-mo blossom flowers. When there is no light dress start to illuminate.

I applaud this eye-tracking technology and feels ashamed that why on earth I just wrote about this?