Alley Girl Featured by American Vogue Magazine for the First Time :)

February 27, 2017

This must be a blogger’s dream. Being featured by American Vogue. I’m so happy because this photo was taken by brother when he was visiting me. He is also an amateur photographer as I am an amateur writer. You can see all of his city photos and other work of his from his Facebook page.

Vogue is such a big deal, It’s great to be featured in This is my third time being featured in American fashion publication. I was featured in Elle USA for the first time. It was both print and online spread about my Clergerie Girls work.

The second time I was featured by W Magazine in their street style section. And now featured by Vogue for the second time. It’s dream come true. This look was from West Village Guide post. I tried to style myself as easy city girl look. It is the most fun way to wear black and white. Thank you so much, Vogue for picking me.


Hope you guys also enjoy my polka dot black white look, too.