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Environmentally Safe Fashion Brands

November 6, 2020
environmentally safe fashion brands

Throughout the history of fashion, society has learned that this is a world that represents development and advancement. I have learned as a consumer, it is important to be mindful of how I’m a major factor in the process of the fashion world. The amount of fashion we produce, buy, and sell as a whole is substantially increasing. What does this mean? It means we are creating a routine of disposable waste ( also known as fast fashion ). Environmentally safe fashion brands are hoping to change that. 

Fast fashion includes speeding up manufacturing time, cutting costs, and developing low-quality items to bring new fashion to the public rapidly. Furthermore, the process also includes incorporating toxic dyes in the materials.

What if I could move towards sustainable fashion instead? What if I incorporated slow fashion into my routine to be apart of a movement that is globally valued? More people today are requesting to learn about sustainable fashion and environmental justice. More experienced and upcoming designers and creators are leaning towards developing slow fashion. This will entail producing goods while respecting the planet, workers, and animals. Here are a few companies that follow those guidelines : 


This company uses eco-friendly materials to create classic minimalist bags. All of their bags are vegan and designed with care without sacrificing functionality. With classic styles and great quality, you can be sure to keep your Tokyo Bag for a lifetime. These beautiful bags can be found around North America and Asia.


Reformation is a company that has detailed standards to assist the company with sustainable practices. They create effortless styles for women and consider various options such as Eco-toxicity, energy input, and price during the creation process. This stylish company represents femininity and caters to various sizes. 


Is a beautiful handmade jewelry company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico ! Their items are created in small batches and are ethically sourced and/or recycled. With each product that is purchased a portion of the funds will go to ocean conservation and planting 20 trees to help restore the Ecosystem. With their amazing neutral hues, you can style and combine each piece of jewelry in numerous ways.

There are huge awakenings and transformations taking place in the fashion world. While Environmentally safe fashion brands grow in the industry more people will be inclined to learn about it. If I want fashion to continue being a wonderful artifact then I need to consider how my resources are being used. If I continue to be mindful about my decisions I can plan to look forward to a more healthy sustainable industry, and of course, spread the word ; )       

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