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Noemie Jewelry Review: Chevron Diamond Ring

February 26, 2020

I can’t explain how much I love my new ring from Noemie. It’s so sparkly, elegant and quality looking. But I need to tell you about all my experience first. So I decided to write “Noemie Jewelry Review” for you to know this brand closely.

I was looking for an additional white gold diamond ring setting to create stack look style with my own engagement ring and wedding band. It’s not always easy to create classy stack look with engagement ring and wedding band.

Noemie Jewelry Review $620
  • Chevron Diamond Ring
  • The Website
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Noemie Jewelry Review

Noemie is one of the best jewelry companies in the market with ethical practices, affordable price point, and with the quality. I highly recommend their beautiful pieces.

Please check the bottom of the page for the disclaimer.

Noemie Jewelry Review
Noemie Jewelry Review

I had so many options from Noemie to create what I envision actually. I could have gone with different options under $500. It’s so hard to believe that I can easily find a quality, ethical diamond brand with beautiful simple designs under $500. I found the Single Baguette Ring ($370) which I already have that in gold, Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band Ring ($450) and The Petite Diamond Band Ring from Noemie to create my stack ring design.

Noemie Jewelry Review

Chevron Diamond Ring

The Ring

Ultimately I decided to buy Chevron Diamond Ring ($620). (Here are more affordable options. Blue Nile $281 Arelie Gi $299) The reason I picked this ring because the curve of the ring gives an extra dimension to my stack rings and I also felt like this ring looks like It has so many diamonds.

I got the idea of wearing my chevron ring as stack styling from Noemie’s website’s review section.
Chevron Diamond Ring ($620) similar from Arelie Gi $299

Quantity:  I had 1/4 Carat Total Weight Diamond can also say 0.24 ct. Fatih needed to check the ring If it was eternity ring. The diamond almost covers more than half of the circle. So that’s a big plus for me.

Colour and Clarity: It has VS clarity and F/G average colour. I think It’s because of the quality colour of the diamonds, It looks so shiny and sparkly. ✨

Size: I go with 5.5 for my index finger. (I have the smallest ring size. My ring finger is size 4.) But the ring was smaller than I expected. Technically I can return and get another piece for the right size because Noemie had no question ask policy that you can return any purchase even If It’s personalized. (say whattt? 🥳) but I don’t want to wait for more to wear my gorgeous ring.

Overall my rate is 4.8 / 5. So this ring passes Alley Girl “Must Have” checks. 🙂

The Website

As your technology blogger, I am the worst person for nitpicking stuff about user experiences on the e-commerce website. When I first started my, I occasionally review the e-commerce websites. Noemie has the most refreshing product listing page. It feels like I am on this mood board and just check a bunch of cute photos.

Noemie Jewelry Review
Chevron Diamond Ring ($620) Similar from Arelie Gi $299

When you hover over the images, you can easily see the price, estimated market value and reviews of that particular piece.

The product page is easy to use. You will find all the information you need on this page. The only annoying part is popping customer service’s online chatbox 🙄. Even though I appreciate their highly engaging and knowledgable customer service (see in below) It’s little annoying that you see the chat box in every single product page you opened the to the infinity ♾️in your tabs.

The reviews are also fantastic because people actually add their photos with their jewellery to the discussions and that gives you an idea of how you can style and use that particular jewellery. I actually get the idea of using my ring on index finger from one of these review photos 🤗.

So my rate for the website is 4.5/5.

The pouch bag feels like suede.
Chevron Diamond Ring ($620) similar from Blue Nile $281

The Customer Service

So I haven’t realized that this ring was made to order, custom design ring. (I am weird I literally add my customization and still haven’t realized It was custom. Cuckoo alert!! 🤭) And I need to receive this ring this week for an engagement that I supposed to attend later this week. But It should have arrived at the beginning of March if I haven’t contacted the customer service.

I wrote to customer service, and I tell all about my problem. And they kindly put my order fast. I wasn’t expecting them to expedite because It was clearly my fault I wasn’t paying attention to the description on the product page. But I try my chances anyway. Here we go. I got my ring right on time.

So I want to thank customer service so so much! My rate for customer service is 5/5.

The Package

I am delighted with this new package. First of all, Noemie didn’t waste a big chunk of the outer brown box for shipping. For that, I applaud them from the bottom of my heart. Secondly, there wasn’t any branding in the outer packaging, so It prevents the danger of stolen packaging.

The inner box is so elegant and cute. The even more adorable set up is the tiny pouch inside. I love this pouch so much because of the size of it again. Most of the brands send way big pouched which is waste and at the same time not practical when the times of travelling. I can comfortably put all my valuable jewellery into this tiny pouch. The texture of the pouch feels like leather, but I think It’s a very quality velvet.

Chevron Diamond Ring ($620) similar Aurelie Gi $129
Single Baguette Ring from Aurate NY $400

I gave 5/5 for the packaging.

Let’s check all the other beautiful options from

5 Under $500 Diamond and 18K Gold Ring Options from Noemie

Since I have to make Chevron Diamond Ring Review with all the best features of this beautiful ring, I decided to share you my other options from Noemie and They are all under $500.

The Baguette and Round Diamond Band

Noemie Jewelry Review
The Baguette and Round Diamond Band $470

Most probably this ring will be my next purchase from Noemie. I think It will look super cute with my single baguette ring. Looking very elegant and sophisticated.

Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band Ring

Multi-Color Sapphire Eternity Band Ring $450

I was so close to going with this ring when I decided to buy Chevron ring but then decided to go the same colour ring with my engagement ring and wedding band. These colourful rings are so trendy, but at the same time, Noemie’ s thin design gives this ring timeless classic look.

The Petite Diamond Band Ring

Noemie Jewelry Review
The Petite Diamond Band Ring – $390

If my budget was closer to a thousand dollars, I probably buy three pieces of this ring. It looks perfect. Even if I decided to buy different colours of every other ring, I think It looks sexy and playful. My budget was not there this time, but I think I will use a monthly payment option next time. I can pay this ring starting from $18 in a month almost three cups of coffee price.

The Single Baguette Ring

I have told you I already own this own. I have worn this ring every day since I got it last May. It is one of those pieces that you never ever want to take it off. So chic and goes with everything I wear.

Noemie Jewelry Review
Single Baguette Ring $370

The 3 Diamonds Stacking Ring

Noemie Jewelry Review
The 3 Diamonds Stacking Ring – $390

This ring is not my style but for people who love the classic old school gold wedding band. It has a new twist to that old school style. You can easily buy this ring as your engagement ring or for some people this can be a vacation ring if you don’t want to wear your expensive wedding band in your travels.

**I was compensated for this post with the product. This post also contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. All the things I mentioned are purely my thoughts about the brand. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy my Noemie Jewelry Review.