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An Eid, A Newborn Baby, A Wedding, The Ultimate Istanbul Vacation

Here I am again going to Istanbul. This time just for 10 days. I am going to attend one of my best friends’ wedding in Istanbul. You may know Deniz from some of my IG photos or not. Actually, this isn’t very important. The thing is she is my friend from college and we both very lucky to live in New York. It’s very rare thing to live in a different country and kind of find a way to do this with some close friends.

Anyways, Deniz has a wedding in Turkey and It’s very good thing It was the same time around the year for Eid (Eid al-Adha).

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I know everybody is obsessed with my Kimono. Scotch and Soda. I got so many compliments about my travel bag and at the end of our vacation, one of the handles’ ripped of… Geez!

After I moved to NY, I’ve never spend times of religious events with my family. This is the first time we were together in one of the bairams. It’s very hard to understand this religious holiday the most, as a child. Because you sacrifice an animal for God, It is kind of horrific. But at the same time, I saw and learned from my family, they divide the meat into three portions. They gave to one proportion to the poor, one to share with friends and families and last one for the family. I don’t know how logical to do this still. This is why I always think religions should upgrade themselves to current world and conditions. Maybe this made perfect sense 1500 years ago but there are other ways to help poor people now.


Because of the bairam, we spend some time in my hometown and then Fatih’s families summer house and finally in Istanbul for the wedding. I didn’t have a chance to took so many photos in hometowns but I have some from Istanbul and the wedding. (I also have a chance to see my best friends’ newborn son. This travel makes so much make sense now.)



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Check Deniz’s photos from my wedding.



What do you think about my dress choice?