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Istanbul is My Favorite City. Where is Yours?

August 18, 2014

This is the first time, I visited Istanbul after I started my blog. If you don’t know that I am originally from Turkey and before New York I used to live in Istanbul for 6 six years. I went to college in Istanbul later, I found my first job in this dream city.

I was there this time for best friends’ wedding. She is my best friend from college since then we remain friends. She came to my wedding last year without thinking. I married in my hometown and it was very lovely to see her in the happiest day in my life.




Other than this wedding, there are so many people to see. It’s been 6 years can you imagine. So many people to see. But I do miss Istanbul, too. Istanbul my dream city. Whatever happened, It always stays as my favorite city in the world.

Istanbul has this magical charm. You hate it sometimes but you never stay resentful. You may wanna die in that horrible traffic or got angry with some rude people in the street, but you’ll go Bebek (one of Bosphorus neighborhoods) or just passed the Bosphorus by ferry from Asia to Europe side, and you forget all that chaos, you’ll just fall in love with the city over and over again.


My love words never end for Istanbul so I cut it here and talk rest of my time in Istanbul. We have 10 days this time in Turkey. After we renew our visa stamps than we’ll go to Bodrum. And we are gonna stay Fatih’s family’s house in Ankara. My family also coming to Ankara from my hometown to just see me. I’m very lucky to have this big family. 🙂

So What to Do in Istanbul?


Walk in the streets of Cukurcuma (Beyoglu) You’ll find so many vintage shops.


favorite city

Discover numerous coffee shops in Cihangir. (Beyoglu)


Eat manti (the Turkish ravioli) in “Bodrum Manti”. (Nisantasi)

Go to the very famous tiny island in the Bosphorus called Suada for delicious cocktails.


Go to dinner for “raki & balik” (fish and raki drink) in Bosphorus or Bagdat Caddesi.


Definitely try Raki with “salgam” (which is kind of savory beet juice).


Drink Turkish Coffe and find a fortune teller.


Go to Moda for famous Turkish breakfast and eat the famous gummed ice cream from “Dondurmaci Ali Usta”.


Walk in the streets of Moda for nice shopping and to discover street art!


Check “Karakoy” the hippest neighborhood in the city.