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Dump Summer – Fall In Love With These Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2019

Sadly, summer is coming to a close. Well, it’s actually not that sad for a September born Virgo such as myself because I practically live and breathe for the fall season. As we all know, a new season equals new style. So let’s consider the biggest upcoming fashion trends for fall 2019, shall we?

1. Lots of Leather

I mean, when does leather ever really go out of style? Expect to see a plethora of leather this fall. This heavy material can definitely keep you cozy and cool. ?

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Topshop Kota Crop Faux-Leather Moto Jacket 

2. Squash Yellow

Last season was practically overrun with shades of dusky mustard yellow. Now, fashion forecasts a pretty pale squash yellow as the top color of fall 2019.

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Mara Hoffman Gianna Top (matching skirt here)

3. Eccentric Bags

A nice bag can be a nice addition to any look whereas an eccentric bag can BE the look. Tap into this fall 2019 trend without fear of looking crazy.

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Serpui Marie Woven Embroidered Clutch

4. Square-Toe Heels

So, I’m not the hugest fan of square toe heels, but I can definitely see why they’re making a return because they’re so chic when worn right.

square toe boots 2019 fall trends alley girl
One of the most popular boots on Topshop – $80

5. Frilly, Fluffy Dresses

Fluffy dresses like the electric pink one Kylie wore for her 22nd birthday are going to be all the rage this fall. However, you might want to tone down the hue to fit the autumn palette. Or you can wear hot pink in the fall, who am I to judge?

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Jovani Strapless Velvet Feather Dress 

Let me know what you think of these top fashion trends for fall 2019. Are they better than the sudden 80s comeback? Will you be adding anything new to your closets this fall?