Dior Dazzled The Fashion World at Paris Couture Week 2022

Fashion royalty rubbed shoulders with actual today as they attended the latest Haute Couture collection of Dior. The front row was filled to capacity by Lady Amelia Windsor, Beatrice Borromeo and Cara Delevingne among others – all showing off their sparkling outfits in support of this season’s newest trends!

The Rodin Museum gardens were the perfect setting for this year’s runway, as models walked down an aisle in front of large-scale paintings by Indian artists Madhvi and Manu Parekh.

 Dior Couture Week 2022
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Dior Couture Week 2022

Imagine a vision of glistening gowns sliding down the runway. The Mist Collection, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s message was one about blurred lines between art and fashion as she showcased intricate beading on delicate fabrics with incredible diaphanous designs to show how Haute couture can resonate beyond its traditional boundaries into our everyday lives

Dior Couture Week 2022
Dior Couture Week 2022
Dior Couture Week 2022

With the recent diffusion of Dior‘s new fashion line, it is clear that Maria Grazia Chiuri has impeccable taste. The collection features clothing that transcends boundaries between women’s and men’s wear by paying tribute to all things feminine with flowing skirts or rousing necklines skillfully showcasing curves while also emphasizing clean-cut tailoring for energy not limited by gender norms. Models walk down runways showing off intricate embroideries dancing behind them as if they were performing a ballet; one can only imagine what whimsical creations await in these fantastical garments! The world of Grazia Chiuri’s Dior is one that thrives on water-like movements and ethereal elan.

When it comes to style, Chanel proved they are still the only brand. The collection was full of surprises and innovation with bold colors well in tow for those who like more minimalist looks or traditional elegance depending on your preference; there’s something for everyone at this prestigious fashion show!

Dior Couture Week 2022
Dior Couture Week 2022

The circus performer is back for SS22! The Acrobatic bodysuits from Grazia Chiuri’s much-adored silhouettes last seen leaping off the rafters in a big top have been reimagined with gem-encrusted triangular patterns paired up bedazzled tights that add the extra wow factor. You can also see these on underneath clothes, skirts and dresses to dress your entire body artfully – just like they did at their Couture collection show last year where everyone was dressed completely covered by intricate designs or textiles made out of fabric copies themselves onto other materials such as leather(1).

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Dior Couture Week 2022
Dior Couture Week 2022

Life imitates art á la Gaultier as the catwalk space becomes an exhibition from tomorrow until 30 January. The designer’s favorite pieces are on display, awaiting your visit!






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