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Creating Strong Brands with Sense

January 21, 2015

I am recently reading “Brand Sense: How to Build Powerful Brands Through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound” by Martin Lindstrom.  Of course book is kind of old and needs some updates with the recent  development in the marketing world. But It still gives great sense about the advertisement and the marketing.

Today’s world blogs are mostly using as a marketing tools. When Ciara Ferragni started to The Blonde Salad she just wanted to share her photos not even her daily style. (She was on Flickr before the blonde salad) She saw the opportunity and her personal diary or her hobby become million dollars business for her. Now she is beautiful and become queen of the high-fashion brands. 

I started to write blog in 2005 but I generally write about stupid stuff mostly about college professors and being away from home. I mean just for fun. Then I started to write about mostly marketing and advertising (It is because my major was business administration and I was fall in love with my major even when I was college student) and also some personal stuff.

But I always deny to write about brands. Writing about something just because they give some awesome concert tickets or send me some stupid coffee kit feels not right. Because I always think about what if I don’t like the product? Do I still have to write good stuff about that brand? I feel like It made you not free. And the very first reason about writing personal blog was freedom and share my opinion with same-minds or anti-minds. Fortunately the PR firms I worked with was so understanding and They never made me some kind of sponger. They understand my mentality about it and they never push me to write about their brands and still send me some good stuff.

I am still same. When I want one brand so bad I just send them an e-mail to make collaboration or just right about them. Because they really deserve to writing about them.

To make long story how do you use senses to create strong blog brand of yourself? Ciara become queen of fashion bloggers because I think she used sight sense in a very strong way. Even in this very first post of her she is almost shiny.


You must know your strong side. Hers is beauty. So she played to sight sense. What is your strong side? Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Sound? So just roll up and do it your best.

to be continued…

stay awesome

alley girl