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Chanel Spring 2020 Collection Review

October 2, 2019

Chanel hit the headlines at Paris Fashion Week for more than their impeccable designs this week when a desperate YouTuber attempted to crash the show. Thankfully, Gigi Hadid quickly escorted the interruption off of the runway. I mean, who even does something like that? I hope the 5 seconds of fame was worth never being invited to a fashion event again. Hell, good luck even being let into Macy’s. But without further ado, see our top picks from the Chanel Spring 2020 collection.

A gif of Gigi Hadid escorting someone off of the Chanel runway at Paris Fashion Week.
A gif of Gigi Hadid literally acting as a Chanel bouncer.

Watch The Runway

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Our Favorite Looks

Look 2

Witch chic isn’t a thing, but it definitely should be, and this look is the primary reason why. I really love how sultry this entire piece is despite showing mere slivers of skin.

Look 4

Knitted plaid is a classic signature of a Chanel garment and this stunning red, white, and black romper is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating stunning pieces season after season. The rhinestone detailing on the shoes distinguishes them from your everyday strappy sandal.

Look 36

This look is essentially the epitome of ready to wear because I 100% want to wear every single part of this down to the double belts and bold floral brooch. I actually don’t mind the mom jeans as 70s styled denim has been popular at Paris Fashion Week.

Look 46

Admittedly, this flouncy look brought me back to Chanel’s Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection with its elegantly tiered silhouette. I know I have no practical place to wear something like this to, but it doesn’t even matter. This entire concept is gorgeous.

Look 69

I don’t know who decided to send 3 models out in outfits that are practically just extravagant sweaters and pantyhose, but thank you? This type of look is so refreshing to see on a high fashion runway because it’s so unexpected.

Look 74

Baby Cindy Crawford excuse me, Kaia Gerber is a vision in this two-piece Chanel ensemble. This closing look embodies the collection effortlessly and features many of the same accessories that are present in other looks.

All images are from Vogue and Giphy.

The Details

Designer: Chanel
Season: Spring 2020 Ready To Wear
Date: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Location: Grand Palais, Paris, France

How did you all like the Chanel Spring 2020 Collection? I think it was one of Chanel’s best yet. You can check out the rest of our Fashion Week posts here