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Can New Yorkers live in Austin?

April 17, 2019

Austin Texas was at the top of our list after decide to check other cities and states. We’ve hard so many good things about this city. Especially after years of living in Brooklyn. So let’s talk about the question Can New Yorkers live in Austin?

Of course, why not? But if you really feel like you’re done with city life. Apparently, I am not done with city life. I am still looking for walk distance things in my daily life. I am telling you I cannot live in a city where doesn’t have a walk distance lifestyle. All the cities I’ve lived so far has that lifestyle. After 8 years of living in NY, I feel like I can’t make it with the idea of going everywhere with the car, struggle with parking space and traffic.

Austin is this great city with its social life. Especially people are so so nice. Currently, we are in LA. People are here nice too but in a way of being nice in general. But people in Austin really care about your story. Genuinely ask you how you are today and how life is with twins. They are not just asking questions to fill the conversations. That is the one thing I love so much about that city.

The city is so cheap after New York. You can find a duplex, 3 bedroom house with a garage for $2500-3000. It’s an insane amount of space, garden, for god’s sake. It’s impossible to achieve that in New York’s city life. The grocery is the best so far we ever experienced. Everything is super fresh, and extremely cheap prices. We’ve gone crazy in Austin with our grocery shopping.

If you want to buy a house with a beautiful design and architecture, Austin is your place. The houses are in Austin so beautiful. You can see all kind of houses. The modern ones, the classic American ones, the vintage looking ones. We fall in love with the architecture approach to housing and gardens of these houses are so beautiful.

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Lastly, I don’t see myself to move a city like Austin just for the city being so wide and you can’t go to the places you want without a car. If you still feel like you have to be the centre of everything, Austin is not for you. But if you feel like you can move to suburbs for your kids and more quiet life, Austin is one of the best places to move and live.

This post is from Austin, TX. When I was in my seven and a half month-long slow cross country vacation.