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Burberry Lightweight Quilted Coat Review

November 15, 2019

It’s that time of the year again. The crazy freezing weather is here. Today while I am writing this piece of content for you the weather is 35 F but my Google assistant is telling me that in fact the feels like 25 F. For my European readers, It’s 2 Celsius and the feeling is like minus 2 Celsius. So I decided to write Burberry Lightweight Quilted Coat Review for this meaningful day.

I was already thinking about writing this review but It’s a good thing that I waited a little bit longer to test it out. Does this thing coat work for crazy freezing cold weathers?

Yes, It does!

But before let me explain, I actually bought them last year’s Black Friday. They were about $550. The original price was somewhere between $750-800 for different websites.

So why did I pick Burberry? This is a question I asked the same question this year myself. I could have gone with much more cheaper versions. But I wanted to buy something classic and hopefully for long-lasting terms. It has a very cute style actually. It doesn’t look like ugly huge buffer one. I wanted lightweight parka for cold weather ever since my husband developed this obsession over Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket.

It has here and there tiny Burberry’s classic print/pattern. Not too much if you don’t like your clothes to scream brands all over. The entire lining inside is with that pattern but nobody is gonna see that. Little details in the arms if you use unzip pattern lining can be seen and finally the hood lining is also with this iconic pattern. Other than these details, there is no Burberry logo craziness going on in this coat. In fact, I enjoy more of this subtle branding in any kind of clothes. The logo should be a surprise in my taste. The otherwise I feel like It’s a bit tacky.

When you wear a sweater and then put this coat on It actually works. I actually have worn one of those heat technology tights from Uniqlo underneath my summer jeans. Then I put on my Express Pink Sweater today and I just put my Burberry Baughton Quilted Coat on top. I didn’t even bother to buckle my neck area without a scarf and I really survived this cold.

The only problem, in my opinion, is in the zipper area. I’ve actually seen the same issue in one or two reviews on Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s websites. The zipper sometimes caught up the fabric. That is the only problem I have. If you have the same issue just exchange your item. Most people didn’t even mention that issue. I guess it’s on some products.

So my overall experience is 8/10. I definitely recommend this coat for this holiday season.