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Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag Review – Does it Worth It?

April 27, 2020

Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag is one of my favorite bags, and It is the most wanted bag for the last two years. And I will tell you my experience with this bag.

Bottega Veneta’s new creative director Daniel Lee transforms the brand whole into another level. He is the apprentice of Celine’s Phoebe Philo at the end of the day. Daniel made Bottega Veneta the new Celine of our time.

Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag Review $2700
  • Design and Usability
  • The Quality
  • The Value

Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag Review – The Conclusion

In this review, I talked about the bag’s design and usability, quality, value, price point. It is a critical decision since this bag is not your average price bag. I hope you find my review useful.

Disclaimer: If you decided to buy the bag with one of my links, I might earn a commission from Bottega Veneta via my affiliate links. I appreciate it a lot if you can support me this way so I can create more reviews like this.

Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag REVIEW
THE POUCH – $2700

The pouch bag is nothing new, but the way Daniel Lee created it is unique. In this logomania age, he made the bag totally desirable without any logo indication. And this kind of pouch or oyster shape bag is on the market for years, but the size of this bag is new.

The way it looks like fluidly and without any construction gives the hype to the minimalists of the fashion world.

Bottega Veneta The Pouch Bag Review

Design and Usability (4.5/5)

I love this bag is so effortless and shapeless. But when you open it, there is actually an excellent construction with its magnetic frame. It gives this voluminous shape it. The bag is quite significant to carry your make-up bag, phone a large wallet, and sunglasses case all in once. I even sometimes put my small-size journal in it.

THE POUCH in white – $2700, Saks Fifth, Farfetch

The Quality (4.5/5)

I prefer calf leather in any bag because I like the softness of it. This bag uses its shape to prevent scratches and that appearance. But if you feel extra cautious since you are paying almost $3000, you can go with Bottega’s signature braided leather.

The Value (3/5)

Even though the bag is the IT bag of the last two seasons, I don’t feel the price is fair. It’s a bit too pricey, in my opinion. It must be between $1800 to $2200.

THE CHAIN POUCH in Black – $3600

Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag – The Conclusion (4/5)

If you are a designer bag collector, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one already. But If you are a fashion lover but not necessarily a lavish lifestyle girl like Carrie Bradshaw, we used to know, wait for the bag to hit the second-hand market.

THE POUCH in Mustard – $2700

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