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Bottega Veneta 2019 Items are Killing It

August 14, 2019

Bottega Veneta 2019 Items are Killing It and It’s the best way to do it. Lately, our fashion accounts are filled with Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style photos. It looks like the brand was an unofficial sponsor of the event.

Scandinavians are known for their simple, sleek chicness. And Bottega Veneta is the key to master that simple chicness in this summer.

The Mesh with Chain Anklet Shoes

The fishnet heels with a tiny chain to the ankle are one of the most celebrated items of the year. And these shoes are on the waitlist until October.

Photo by @aylin_koenig
Buy from Matchesfashion

I am looking to score one of these beauties either via eBay or The Real Real. I prefer most of the time TRR because they have a “affirm” which is a credit system that helps you to pay every month with a small amount. This is how I can afford my luxury bags and shoes.

Let’s go back to business for these beautiful shoes. There are some similar ones from Zara here. And I believe so many other brands are going to create something similar to these shoes. Because they are already a sensation through the summer. Shoes are originally the collection of prefall collection of 2019.

Zara Mesh High Heel Shoes – $69.90

The Strappy Heels

These are worn by so many IT girls like Rosie HW. They are so popular in blue, white and beige. Look how gorgeous they are.

These are almost sold out everywhere too. I found on Matchesfashion as “Coming Soon

Here another affordable similar option from Zara. Zara if you do not exist I don’t how we live like this 🙂

Zara Heeled Leather Square Toe Sandals – $99.90

The Square Toe Mule Heels

Mr Louboutin once said, “if you find a perfect fitted (and comfortable shoes) heels, buy it in every colour.” Sounds like he is trying to make us buy so many pair which is good for his business. But don’t you have a pair of heels that you want to wear with everything because It’s damn so comfortable and you look sexy on it. According to Sandra Hagelstam of 5inchandup, these are the most comfortable shoes of hers ever. And she did buy these shoes in every colour.

Telling you this gal knows everything about every single shoe especially heels in the market. Her blog name even comes from heels.

Net a Porter – $670

The Pouch Clutch

I always love wearing clutches. But as being a mom and had to carry my laptop everywhere I am not wearing them as I used to be. But this bag looks so cute and very roomy. I need one of these asap. Please, someone, let go your clutch so I can get yours on TRR.

Love it <3 Dark Brown from Net a Porter $2400
White from Bottega Veneta $2400
Handwoven in Black from Bottega Veneta $2400

The Shoulder Bag

I can’t still believe how many IT item can be pulled off from a single brand from a single collection. These shoulders are bag is simple, yet necessity item for fall. Love it in brown personally. Black is always a good idea when It comes to investment pieces.

Saks Fifth Avenue – $2900

The Bonus Cutie Pumps

I have a new favourite fashionista on Instagram. I start to follow her Copenhagen Fashion Week Journey. She is a true identity of simple, minimalist chicness. I am talking about Funda Christophersen. She is great. You should follow her. By the way, she is one a huge fan of Bottega Veneta. And I fall in love with these cutes shoes because of her.

Saks Fifth Avenue $760
Brown from Bottega Veneta $760

Tell me which one of these Bottega Veneta 2019 Items are Killing It? Do you think they are overrated? Leave your comment for further discussion.