Are You Ready for 10 Reasons to Avoid Dating with Gemini Guy?

Avoid Dating Gemini Guy- Are You Ready for 10 Reasons?

For most women out there, Gemini man is the bomb! He is so so different from the usual guys out there. He is so charming and so intelligent with so many mind-blowing ideas. On top of that, he is also spontaneous and adventurous. He knows how to use words and the right things to say at the right time simply because he is a gifted wordsmith. He is also very imaginative and can come up with surprises all the time simply because he’s also very unpredictable. To add icing to the cake, he is over blessed a good sense of humour.

What else can a woman want again? Gemini guys can treat a woman like a queen because they are also very observant and attentive. Gemini guys are fun to be with because they are quite knowledgeable on almost any topic you can think of so your time with them will not be wasted. Gemini guys are also not overtly jealous so a woman gets her full sense of freedom when dealing with this man.

Are You Ready for 10 Reasons to Avoid Dating with Gemini Guy?

But before you go falling for that Gemini guy, hold it for a moment. Step back and think it all over again. Are you sure you can cope with this man? Let me tell you some things you might have to contend with. You see, Gemini men are:


They are restless. They get bored easily. They don’t normally like to stay as they always tend to have their eyes watching out for the exit. Commitment scares the hell out of them. You may think that he’s with you all the way, fine. But the real question which should always trouble you is whether he’s there for you. Besides, you will have a very hard time trying to pin him down. You will always have to constantly keep thinking up of new ways to keep his attention unless…


You see, that’s the problem you will face when you fall for someone who knows how to use words. Do you think you are the only woman who has been affected by his charm? He flirts because he likes it. He knows that women like that type of thing and since he knows that he will get their attention by flirting, he is not going to give up all that flirtatious activities so fast. Remember, he loves attention too.

Avoid Dating Gemini Guy – Low sex drive

Don’t be fooled, Gemini can be quite imaginative and can come up with so many imaginative bedmatics, weird and stimulating things to do on the bed and under the sheaths but that’s the farthest they can go. In reality, Gemini men are not all that into sex. They prefer to talk about it than doing it. When a Gemini man goes for a woman, four out of five times, his primary motivation is not sex. Do you want to know what it is? Of course, his primary motive is just to discover a new thing.

Always Needs Constant Change

This aspect of the Gemini man is one thing you will have to battle with. It is going to be a very big challenge for you to keep up with him. Gemini men love changes so much. He can change his ideas, his mind, his job, and even his love life so fast that you start wondering what went wrong in the first place. But nothing went wrong. That’s just the Gemini man for you. He is a variety loving fellow and he cannot help it.


That’s another problem that comes with involving yourself with someone who is an intellectual. He expects you to be on the same par, if not more, with his intellectual level. He expects from your intellectual conversations that will keep him stimulated. He expects you to read a lot and read widely. He expects you to match his wits. He expects you to be logical in your reasoning. He expects you to come up with surprises for him too. This is a full-time job if you look at it closely.

His being intellectual also affects his emotional self. You might also get the feeling that he is not expressing how much he loves you the way you would have wanted but then, Gemini men live more in their heads than in their hearts. No wonder, he can seem so detached.

Avoid Dating Gemini Guy – Childish

At heart, Gemini man is still a child. He doesn’t grow up, doesn’t even want to. Watch him closely, he behaves like a child. His changing interests, his short attention span, his youthful nature, his imaginative and crazy ideas, his adventurous spirit, his high energy level, his playfulness and his unserious approach to life all suggest he still has something to do with being a child. And you know the problem with children, they need constant attention, and reassurance, and care, and watch and you might not be the type of person who has all that time. Watch out, because you might have to be saddled with a grown baby! Talk about Peter Pan.

Master of none

He has a lot of ideas, quite alright and he knows a lot of things but then, study and look at him closely. Do you see him accomplishing all those lofty ideas? I guess the answer is no. Gemini man is the real example of “jack of all trades and master of none.” He likes it that way; because that’s the only way he will be assured that there will be something occupying his mind at any given time. It can be tiring for you if you find yourself being abandoned in the middle of the ocean with one more glorious project he actually initiated.


He is a talker. He talks all the time. He talks when he needs to. He talks when he doesn’t need to. He always wants to get his voice heard. You might soon want to plug your ears with earphones immediately you see him but the only reason why you might not do this is that you will still enjoy what he is talking about because he always says interesting things, no matter how crazy. He also gives good and free advice and he can teach you a lot of things you don’t even know before. He is also ready to listen to you because he wants to learn from you. You will feel special in the process. He knows that you know this, so he keeps on talking.

Avoid Dating Gemini Guy – He is a trickster

What else do you imagine you will get from someone who is a twin? He is a natural magician. He is cunning. He has a very quick mind so your eyes might not follow what his hands are doing. He can read your mind. He can predict your actions. He enjoys disconcerting those who can’t think as fast as him. He knows how to use words so you can bet he is already ready to say the things you want to hear.

He is a very good actor and he has this uncanny ability to adapt and change with situations or events just like a chameleon coupled with the fact that he can easily see the two sides of any argument which allows him to say what he wants to say without actually taking any side. Tricky, ain’t it? Well, just know that he is a bundle of mischief because that is what Mercury blessed him with.

Play mind games – a lot

Ahem…this is one place where most women will shatter and break to pieces under the Gemini man’s assault. This guy plays a lot of mind games and he enjoys doing it. Remember, he is logical so he wants to study and understand you and how you react. He is not all that emotional, so he is not going to feel so emotional when he’s testing you with his mind games and this gives him an edge. Because he is a twin, he can send you those mixed signals that will always keep you guessing what he’s playing at. To get a full idea of what I am talking about concerning these mind games, you should read this article about Mind Games Men like to Play On Women.

By now I know some Gemini guys out there will be feeling angry with me for spilling the beans and doing the dirty on the notorious Gemini but you have to understand where I am coming from first. You see, the thing is that I am also a Gemini guy!

What Happens Next?

So in essence, what I am doing right now is to prepare the women who really deserve us and get them ready for the roller coaster bumpy ride.

So to all my beautiful ladies out, do you still want to get your Gemini man? Do you think you can handle him together with all these his quirks? Well, if you think you can, then go for it but don’t say I didn’t warn you. It could be one hell of a fun ride!

P.S. 1- Are You Ready for 10 Reasons to Avoid Dating with Gemini Guy? written by a Gemini Guy.

2- The featured image is taken by Harun Kara.

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