Alley Girl for Buro 247 Turkey?

July 25, 2015

I love the coincidence of life! I just write about my love of writing and how I started to write on in my last post. After that something nice happened recently.

I contacted to Buro 247 Turkey’s co-founder Suna Vidinli a few weeks ago. She is one of the best and respectful journalist in Turkey. She is a Harvard University graduate which means that she is a kind of person you totally would like to work with. We sent few e-mails to each other and I am waiting for the result right now.

Buro Turkey is going to be launched near future this year. So finger cross and I need your help to convince Suna why I am the best person for this job 🙂

I’ve never done such a thing like creating a campaign for a job. So far I was lucky enough to work with the companies I wanted to be in. If things work well, I am going to be New York reporter for Buro 247 Turkey. As you know I am a total fashion gal,

who loves and understand the statement of this “Art”,

who is studying Brand Management Experience at Fashion Institute of Technology!

who can write and talk hours about what is the difference between style and fashion and luxury experience,

who is a business matchmaker and natural in connecting people, see: fashionMIND,

who manage a website that is about fashion, style, travelling, deco and lifestyle for 4 years,

who is totally social butterfly and digital marketing buff

who is New Yorker and living this dream everyday,


So let’s help me to get the job and hope for awesome things can happen to any of us!

P.S.: I put my head on top of Meruyert Ibragim. She is co-founder of Buro Kazakhstan.