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Adana The City Of Craziness and Non-Existing Baby Bump

June 12, 2017

Here I am with non-existing my baby bump. The place everything started. I am in Adana where is south of Turkey, also is my hometown.

Adana is the 6th biggest city in Turkey. It’s best known for the very famous food called “Adana Kebab”. Which is why I call the land of kebab. I think my hometown is the hilarious city in Turkey. Because the weather is too hot, people of this city do crazy things. Like there was this guy who opened fire to the sky to punish God because It was too hot. Crazy, right?! Have you ever heard something like this before?!


Even though this is my hometown I only spend 3 years of my life here. My high school years. Then I moved to Istanbul then New York. Perhaps this is the reason I am not the crazy type who represents my hometown 🙂

Dress: Zara (Similar from Asos)
Bag: Vale Boutique (Similar in Purple) (Colorful version)
Shoes: Old Navy
Rings: Vale
Necklaces: Pull and Bear (similar)


I missed Adana so much mostly because my family lives there but also for these incredible street food carts. Whenever in the city you go, you find something to eat from the streets. And they are the yummiest foods. And I miraculously lose weight whenever I go to Adana if I stay more than 10 days. I still don’t know how that happens all the time. Of course, I’m not complaining. You eat the most delicious food and still lose weight?!




We did this photo shoot in the city centre where I used to go all the time after school. I was trying to show my baby bump in these photos but I was definitely not succeeded the challenge in this shoot but you’re gonna see we are getting there. 😀 (I’m 4 months pregnant here)

I bought a couple of dresses larger than what my size usually is so I can skip all these buying maternity clothes. I already love to wear oversize clothes, so I can still wear my extra large clothes after babies.