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19 Summer Office Outfit Ideas

This post will show you the most practical and unique summer office outfit ideas.

Most recently, I wrote about Tiktok’s infamous Office Siren Trend and realized that so many of you yearn for office outfit ideas. It’s especially hard to focus when you are too busy, the weather is so hot, or you are working on a very special project. I aim to help you with these summer office outfits so you can save them and use them when you are in a hard headspace to think outside of the box for your summer office outfit ideas.

Smart casual work outfit

A smart casual work outfit means mixing trending pieces and classic work attire. Your approach does not look too formal, but it is still clean and professional. It would help if you looked put together but more interesting and, at the same time, not intimidating. You should have an approachable look.


With the throw of the cardigan, this look has smart casual qualities, but if you remove that one item, it becomes more of a classic summer office outfit.

Classic Summer Office Outfits

The following outfit has longer sleeves, but if you are stuck in the big corporate office with central AC and freezing temperatures, It’s always a good idea to pick a long-sleeved shirt but select something more suitable with summer weather, like a silk blend cotton or linens.


This outfit is over the top in terms of its décolleté, but you can pick a more modest oversized top, and you’ll look killer chic yet very sophisticated.

Corporate Baddie

You can envision a “corporate baddie” with the Office Siren trend of TikTok. But Office Siren has more late 90s and early 2000s vibes. The corporate baddie is basically a “girl boss” or power house woman attire.


Young Professional Office Outfits

The more modern approach to office outfits. It doesn’t define with sharp classic looks; it has an ease on this total look.

summer office outfit
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summer office outfit

Creative Office Outfits

summer office outfit

Don’t be shy about mixing patterns and colors. Let your creativity take over your office outfits

summer office outfit ideas
summer office outfit ideas

Be comfortable with a pair of tee but don’t forgot to add your elevated chic twist


The Best Places to Shop Smart Casual Outfits

Mid Range Price

JCrew, Loft and Ann Taylor, Mango, and Madewell are the mid-range pricing points. These brands sometimes carry premium lines with more quality fabric and more tailored outfits that you can wear for more than one season.

Premium Price

Theory, Cos, Reformation, Alice and Olivia, and Massimo Dutti have more premium segments, and most of your purchase lasts longer. Theory especially has very high-quality, timeless chic pieces. Cos could be a little more trendier pieces.

Designer Luxury Price

At this point, the sky is the limit. Dior, Valentino, Ralph Lauren Purple, Victoria Beckham, and Roland Maurent have a very good classical piece that fits your corporate office life perfectly.