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Noemie Rings Reviews – Investing in 18K Solid Gold Jewelry

December 26, 2019
hello noemie valentine's day

Disclosure: This is not an advertisement. Noemie didn’t ask me to create this article.

After I got married nearly 7 years ago (Geez, It feels like, It has been no more than 5 years.) I couldn’t buy fast fashion jewellery and accessories for a while. Because I knew the jewellery that I buy from H&M, Zara or even Baublebar for that sense is going to be blackish after wearing it for a couple of times.

It felt like I am throwing my $20-50 to the garbage every time when I purchase gold plated (gold pleated means the jewellery is silver or some other metal but the coating is gold so that’s why It wears off after certain time.) jewellery. And when I get married I received so many real solid gold and real diamond jewellery from my close family members (in Turkey close family members like your parents or your in-laws and some close family like your aunts or uncles or cousins gift the bride gold.)

After having a handful of real jewellery made me think twice when I make a jewellery purchase. At this point, I rarely wearing faux jewellery. And try to promote non-real jewellery rarely. I really need to trust the brand’s quality to promote them. There are some brands that can guarantee a lifetime gold colour even the jewellery is not solid gold. It’s all about how quality their craftsmanship is.

Investing in 18K Solid Gold Jewelry

I know fast fashion is very tempting when you see all these new trends all the time. You want to own things quickly, wear for a season or two then you wait for next IT (pearl trend past summer and chains currently) thing. Why does it important Investing in 18K Solid Gold Jewelry? Because your money’s value never dies with real gold. In some cases, your money’s value even gets better. That’s why in some countries people invest in jewellery instead of stocks or some other currencies.

Secondly, you can’t imagine how good not to worry about taking off your jewellery all the time. You can wear your real gold necklace when taking a shower, in the pool or even when you have sunbathing. This summer I was so happy with this necklace. I never took it off when I was in the pool or in the shower.

So how do I find Hello Noemie’s quality as other real gold jewellery owner? Is it safe to buy diamonds from How do I trust their gold and diamond is a real diamond? I will answer that question in a bit.

Investing in 18K Solid Gold Jewelry

Hello Noemie Rings Review

Noémie is the high-quality, fine jewellery brand sold at fair prices (previously featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. I think you received your answer here. They are a legit business that featured in big-name magazines.). The best thing is about Noémie is you will find some many elegant and classy pieces comparably reasonable prices. The brand handcrafts each piece with prioritizing quality and timeless design approach to every piece last a lifetime.

I originally like these earrings from the brand.

The Huggie Earrings – 18K Gold with VS Clarity 1/8 Carat Diamond

Even though these earrings are really pretty and very trendy these days, I am not a huge earrings fan. So I went with the rings instead.

I picked this single baguette ring because It has the ultimate sophistication and with that size of the diamond the price is incredibly reasonable. Also, I picked this 18K single coloured stone ring. I picked the sapphire because It’s my birthstone (I’m Virgo). These two rings complement each other so beautifully. I always wear them together. Unfortunately, Noemie stops selling the birthstone rings 😕. I am waiting for them to bring this ring back.

Noemie Rings Reviews

The Value

The value is definitely there. When you decided to buy one jewellery, you will see the same piece of jewellery’s market value in the info placement in every single product page. So you will definitely pay less. Because Hello Noemie cuts the middle man to give us better prices.

Also, you can split your payments without paying interest to depend on how long you will pay the whole price. I am not a huge fan of splitting payments but when you buy something this much valuable I think It’s a smart way to go.

The Packaging

Noemie Rings Reviews

I am in between liking and disliking of the packaging. It’s way too big for my taste but at the same time, It has a very smart and cute style. If you want to propose your love ones Noemie’s package can play its role so beautifully.

hello noemie valentine's day
hello noemie mother's day

I am even going to give you an idea of the proposal scene. Buy these tiny balloons. Attach the question (Will you Marry me?) card and the ring to this ballon with a ribbon. When your significant other open the box, the ring and question fly in front of her. How sweet. ♥️

The Conclusion

I think Noemie Rings are great gifts to buy for your loved ones. Especially the occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdates and Holiday season with already reasonable prices, you will find some special day discounts and promotions.

I don’t buy gold plated jewellery anymore. Hello Noemie definitely is on my top three list of “Solid Gold Jewelry”. Yet Noemie had a better chance on my list because all their jewellery is 18K gold. They don’t make a lower rate of gold jewellery. (Do you want me to explain how gold rates are working? Leave a comment if you are interested in.)

How do you find my Hello Noemie Rings Reviews? If you like it please use my referral (affiliate) links to purchase the things you like the most. You can get a big discount while I earn a small commission with your purchases. Noemie Jewelry promo code is below for you. 🙂

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