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Being New Yorker in an Eclectic Style

June 2, 2017

I received so many nice feedbacks about my last Youtube video. Some didn’t know what I am doing on my Youtube channel before and they were so surprised. The reason, I started the Newest Yorkers series is because I’m one of them. I moved to the city in 2011. It was September. Just 2 days before my birthday. It was the craziest decision I’ve ever made. I actually need to make a video about my eclectic style story.

I love to share how It’s to be both insiders and outsiders. Because of this, I tend to make these chats with friends who are coming from different countries with different backgrounds. Because we are all same in a way. We all try to understand this fast, lovely, cruel, easy, hard city… Of course, I feel as a New Yorker in some ways more than New York-born sometimes but I’ve never gonna understand some things about this society, culture, and country. And that makes me New(est) Yorker forever, I guess.


I remember when Arriana told me that I had a very eclectic style with this look. She was trying to be careful if I get offended or something by her comment. Of course, I did not. I am well aware of I am coming from a very different country. Opposite, I get her comment as a very nice thing. Because that shows me that I blended with this new culture well but still keep my authentic background with me.

Dress: Moon River (The Vale Boutique)
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Zara

I think this is what makes us, the New(est) Yorkers, a gem of New York. We all bring something new to this society. And this is why New York is the most beautiful city in the world with all the harmony.








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