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Yes I am one of the Clergerie Girls

November 13, 2015

I am proudly announced that I am one of Clergerie Girls. I saw a post on earlier October.


And I told myself why not me?

I randomly picked some of my latest outfits on Instagram and put #clergeriegirls hashtags.




First I was so excited to see they shared one of my photos as sample for contest when I was in Germany. For a moment I thought I win the whole contest 🙂

Finally Robert Clergerie contacted me and told “You are one of the final 4 girls“.

I was hysteric. I never win anything in my life. If I win this I finally understand why I waited until this time. Because my chances are always so limited and I have to work for everything very hard. Because I can’t leave anything to chances..

The winner is going to be invited to Paris Fashion Week earlier March 2016 and be honored to design one of Robert Clergerie shoes.

I can’t wait to style all those gorgeous Clergerie Girls shoes with all different kind of aspect. Don’t worry I will add every look of the week.

Geez. It is so exciting. I feel butterflies in my stomach. 🙂

Wish me luck.