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Wrinkle Free Summer Dresses with Easehold Travel Steamer

April 10, 2019

I’ve been looking for a perfect steamer for a long time. Since last year, we are on vacation mode constantly. As you can imagine one of the biggest problems is packing. Not anymore with Easehold travel steamer. Let me explain how.

The packing is a problem. Not if you don’t use vacuum bags. Since we are in this slow cross country vacation since December we had to pack for both summer and winter clothes. It was like summer in Miami in December no doubt that but the weather was very cold in Austin between January o at the end of March. The only way to go around without too many luggage is by using vacuum bags.

But the problem with vacuum bags that is all your clothes get so many wrinkles. And imagine our situation. Once we hit the road between states sometimes It takes 2 days to go our final destination. So all of our vacuumed clothes are stay in the luggage for at least 48 hours.

I finally come up with a solution. After putting in so much consideration, checking so many products on Amazon, I found Easehold Travel Steamer. I think Easehold was one of the best options for multiple reasons.

  1. Steamer and Iron in once,
  2. Great Price with great comments,
  3. Great size for both home and travel.

What else you can want from a steamer? Oh, maybe a cute little pouch and silicon pad? Yes, those are also a great addition to this great product. I just steamed my favourite summer dress. It takes less than 5 min to complete the whole dress.

I can’t imagine any other way to travel anymore. And I have good news for you. Use this discount code (25% Discount Code: XU8UCFP6) to get 25% off between April 11th-23rd.