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Why Should Fashion Industry Embrace 3D Printing?

March 7, 2017

When you say magic word 3D Printing, my eyes generally look like this ?. Here is why. Do you know some crazy guys in China actually built a house in 24 hours as using this technology? I just read another news mentioned they built another house less than 24 hours and cost something around $10000.

3D Printing is one of the best things happened to humankind. Can you imagine how much $$ and time we can save?It’s very important to have the time saver and cost friendly technologies. Because you can always spend those times for improving and developing new technologies. And invest that saved money to new research & development.

It’s not different in the fashion business. 3D printing gives the advantage of produce test products, models, and materials that not only save the time and cost but also reduces manufacturing time.


This is the best effect of 3D Printing from the business side. But as a concerned consumer, I don’t wanna hear about fashion industry’s environment problem anymore. We should find better and long term solutions this biggest problem. The manufacturer can produce large parties in the very same location they wanna sell their products for with the advantage of 3D printing, automatically you avoid the transportation gas emission harm to the earth. Unfortunately, this new technology doesn’t end the environmental problem of the fashion industry but now, we have a better understanding of technology and how to take advantage of it.

Main image: Chromat Aurumn/Winter 2015 Mindfiles