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Where is the Best Honeymoon Stay in Maldives?

December 23, 2015

Maldives… Dream place to go for any kind of reason. We picked Maldives for our honeymoon after 2 years actually. After we calculated our wedding spend we understood that we could not afford Maldives Honeymoon with extra $10K spending back in 2013. So we postponed it to the next year.

This time years is 2014 and I started to check almost all resorts in Maldives. We wanted to stay in Water Bungalow, so I was checking all Water Bungalow Resorts. There are hotels starts from $300-$2500 per night for bungalow to $600-500 (for low season) At the end we decide to go  Conrad Maldives Hotel. Because It was the best option in terms of our budget with great plunge pool water bungalow. There is one other reason, too. I checked so many blogs about honeymoon vacations and one of the Turkish bloggers was mentioning Conrad for her honeymoon. I contact her and ask about her experience. She was so lovely to respond me real quick with a definitely huge fan of this hotel. The fact that this hotel owns underwater restaurant is one of other strong reasons for us to go this place.


I started to find a travel agency to take care of everything flight to hotel reservations. Finally we decide on one travel agency and learned that Conrad is going to be under construction in exact dates we want to go there. We couldn’t postpone it to some other time because we wanted to merge our honeymoon with our yearly vacation that includes our yearly Turkey visit. And this time I was trying to catch my best friends’ wedding.

We had to postpone the honeymoon one more time :s I am glad that we did that.

I have the best vacation experience ever! EVER! Fatih’s business partner’s twin sister Andrea and her husband went to Maldives later 2014. And they talked about everything they experienced for 2 whole weeks. They actually went to different resort in different islands. They were all about this awesome resort called “Six Senses Laamu”. They advertise this place so bad so we didn’t check Conrad again.

What was so special about this hotel I am going to write about it in my next article! But I can suggest you Conrad Maldives for more reasonable price and definitely a quality stay.

to be continued…

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