What to wear to a cocktail party when Pregnant

I wanted to write about What to Wear to a Cocktail Party when Pregnant for a long time. Can’t believe that It has been 13 days since my last post. I was so busy last two weeks. My mom came from Turkey For my delivery. As you know we moved to new house in the beginning of August. Since I have a huge belly and Fatih is so busy, we couldn’t set the home as we are supposed to do before our babies arrive.

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My mom is a huge help for these last two weeks. One of two days of our week is passing by our regular scan and the other day is our doctor’s visits. Once we are in Manhattan we want to show my mom around a little bit before babies arrive. Because It’s gonna be hard with two babies to going Manhattan and visiting all tourist worth places like Times Square where we haven’t had a chance to bring her yet.

I wanted to reach my laptop and write this post many times but the other days we were busy around the house. Preparing nursery, new walk in closet project and of course kitchen. I swear We are just starting to settle down these two days. And I am going to deliver my babies on Thursday.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing to prepare everything at the last minute. Because It’s kind a stressful to think I am not ready. But since I am so busy I don’t have time to over think about my delivery which is very nervous to think about. I still haven’t decided to deliver the babies as the natural way or C-section for example. :/

That being said, this is why I was 13 days away from writing anything new on my blog. I hope my future coming days are going to be like this. Finger crossed. Everybody is telling me that I wouldn’t have had time to pee. It’s really scary. Let’s see.

So, just before I got back my old belly I want to share my last pregnancy style look with you. I love this look so much, I don’t know how I manage to share one of the photos asap on my Instagram without writing about it.

Don’t over think about what to wear to a cocktail party when Pregnant. This is a great pregnancy style for a chic summer wedding party, a cocktail party of your company, for date night. Even for your light daily errands with a chance of your shoes from flats to heels. This dress is definitely not a maternity dress. Yet again, I purchase L size dress So I can wear it as oversize dress after pregnancy with a touch of a bohemian belt to make it my figure apparent.

The dress is currently on sale at Bloomingdale’s. Hurry up for the last days of summer.

And my SJP shoes are no brainer. Even though my feet are totally on the swollen side these shoes are still the most comfortable shoes to wear when pregnant. And I think It compliments my summer look perfectly.