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What to Buy on Amazon 2021 Prime Day Consciously

June 21, 2021

Amazon 2021 Prime Day upon us, and I’m afraid everything will go out of our control. I am sorry, but these kinds of crazy deals day make me sad because of all consumerism. So instead, I focus on how to shop consciously.

It’s our job to care and make retails make their business according to our conscious shopping habits. No matter what, They will try to make the best profit out of it. And sometimes, we carried away the deals we find and overspend. So I will try to make a couple of points to shop this Amazon 2021 Prime Day consciously.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Rule – 1: Focus on What you Need, not the Deal

Getting a deal is amazing. Trust me, and I’ve been there and ridiculously overspent a few years back on Black Friday. And then I quickly realized that the deals I thought I score were actually not a deal but just a marketing scheme. And I was so ashamed that I have been fooled 🙂 Because I am a digital marketing expert for over 10 years. The deals fooled even me.

So No matter what, focus on what you need. Make a list of things you need to buy and only check these products on Amazon to see if they are on sale or a significant deal.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Rule – 2: Set a Maximum Budget You can Shop

If you don’t have a particular need but just browsing, no harm in buying small items you don’t need but want to try for a while. For example, I want to buy a couple of different skincare products for Keratosis Pilaris treatment. So I can see which brands work the best. So I think Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to try different products for certain things.

Products for Keratosis Pilaris treatment already vary from $6 to $20. So I am like, why not give it a try when I find a good deal.

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Rule – 3: Don’t Fool with the Discount Rate.

So just a week ago, I thought I found an amazing deal at Saks Fifth Off. They have an extra 60% off on already-sale items. I directly go for luxury bags. I found this Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Bag was discounted from $1700 to $900. It’s a terrific deal. Not exactly when I seriously check the bag on other websites, I found out Proenza Schouler’s official website has a 60% sale, too. And the same bag was $558 in different (even better) colors. So not every discount rate means you save the most money. Shop smart.

Amazon 2021 Prime Day, proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler Women’s Blush Pink Leather Mini Crossbody Shoulder Bag – $420

Amazon Prime Day Shopping Rule – 4: Prefer One Time Delivery

If you feel guilty like me shopping online, try to get your items in the same package. So it means fewer shipping fewer boxes. Amazon recently showed me at the checkout that I can wait for 1-2 longer to receive all my orders from only one package. I think that’s important.

Amazon 2021 Prime Day Deals

I hope you shop what you need and smartly this time. And I created lists of some of the things I will purchase this year. Perhaps this gives you an idea or helps you with your “NEED LIST.” So Let’s shop reasonably.

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