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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

December 20, 2013

Before learn about conversion rate optimization, first of all we need to decide what is conversion for our business. For a mobile app company, that would be either install of their apps or registered users. As a blogger I can think that every traffic I get is my conversion.

You can also define  Conversion Rate Optimization as CRO. It is really important to learn this short cut names before you started your digital marketing career. Knowimg what all the other experts talking about gives you extra credibility.

CRO, is the process of improving the design, layout, and copy on your website to increase leads, sales or clicks.

Google has always concerns about search since search algorithm is Google’s brain. Your websites’ usability and ratios of click, sessions and duration are vital.  That’s why CRO is important key factor for SEO. If you have a good SEO value, Google is more willing to show you at the top results. If your website’s bounce rate is high, Google doesn’t want to give you good ranking.As we return to my example for alley girl, what I want is more traffic. But more traffic is not important anymore if my bounce rate is too high that means, users come to my website but they don’t find they really interested. So My CRO needs to have a good rank.

Check for Google Anlaytics page for more detail.