Wassily Chair Review – Is it Comfortable?

June 18, 2021

I finally purchased my dream chair after a year-long wait. I have been obsessing with the world-famous Wassily Chair for over a year now. I can almost hear that you asked me: why the wait, girl? My apartment last year was so tiny that I hadn’t had enough space to put my chair in a cozy corner.

Also, my husband was so skeptical since I showed him my favorite chair. His first thoughts were; 1- This chair doesn’t look comfortable at all, 2- doesn’t look practical and finally, 3- Is it expensive?

And I thought perhaps there are people like me battling over a piece of furniture over a year to buy or not. So I decided to end your agony over this chair with my review. I will explain why Wassily’s chair is worth buying and why it’s the best piece of furniture.

Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair Reviews
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Wassily Chair Review

The Wassily Chair is undoubtedly one of the most iconic furniture designs. And It needed to be prepared a detailed review. I love this chair so much. It’s more of an art form for me.

P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you click and decide to purchase the Wassily Chair, I might be eligible to earn a small commission. And by clicking my link, you will support me. Thank you for that.

Wassily Chair Review - Is it Comfortable?
Amazon Wassily Chair – starts from $214

History of World Famous Wassily Chair

Marcel Breuer originally designed this chair when studying at Bauhaus; an institution established early 20th century to put Germany in the modern world’s design and industry scene. Originally the chair has a kind of waxed cotton material called Eisengarn, not leather. Marcel Breuer collaborated with Grete Reichardt; his pier from the Bauhaus. When Grete worked on a durable cotton material, Marcel realized this is a perfect material for his design.

This story makes me so appreciative of artistic minds, art and design schools even more. Such a lovely story of two young individuals who came together and created one of the modern interior’s best and most artistic pieces together.

Is It Comfortable?

I actually sit on my Wassily chair to write this review. To be honest, It’s not comfortable to sit and work on your laptop because of the sliding shape of the seat. Also, you always look down, so It’s not good for your neck either. But as you can imagine, this chair is not to sit and work but to lounge. I think It’s a perfect chair for that purpose.

You can sit read a couple of pages of your Kinfolk while consuming a daily dosage of your coffee. I found the leather makes the chair extra comfortable because I a** never sweaty as I sit over 30 minutes.

So to the people in the back waiting for an answer…

Yes, Wassily Chair is a comfortable lounge chair

Is it Quality and durable?

Different manufactures reproduce the Wassily chair. Knoll sells original ones if my researches are accurate. But some other brands also sell Wassily chairs too. That’s why so see the prices are range $250 to $1500.

Quality depends on materials and craftsmanship. I purchase my reproduction via Amazon, the brand called Baxton Studio. I suggest you check the reviews before buying your Wassily chair.

I loved the one I bought from Amazon. As the reviews stated, The chair is very quality, very well made, and the packaging was excellent, so there won’t be potential delivery-based traces or broken pieces.

Is there Original Wassily Chair

There are some original production Wassily Chair from the 1920s-30s, but I am not sure if they are usable. However, the websites like 1stdibs sell them as collector’s pieces.

Knoll must be the original seller of Wassily Chair.

Why Is Wassily Chair so Famous?

The chair is so iconic because It was used in one of the most major mediums like the Tv show Fraiser.

The Breuer-designed chair is beyond its years. At that time, none of the other furniture has this kind of see-through shape or design. Everything was very bulk and heavy. Because of its unique design, very few people appreciated its futuristic beauty. That being said, the chair didn’t commercially successful. After WWII, The Wassily Chair reproduces in the 60s. But this time, the era was right and perfect for Wassily chair to be shine.

How much is Wassily Chair?

So originally all the design rights are owned by Knoll but the Wassily Chair (originally named Model B3) patent designs are expired, and therefore you will find a number of manufacturers of this very chair. If you consider Knoll Wassily Chair as original, the prices are very big. It starts from $2550 and goes down to $250.

Where can I find Wassily Chair?

Finally, I hope you enjoy my Wassily Chair review. I am planing to review Eames Shell Parchment Arm Chairs. I purchased one for my work desk. And I have mixed feelings about it.