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Vintage Straw bag and How to become Vintage Shopper?

March 17, 2017

It’s finally straw bag time!! There is one thing that I become obsessed with since last year. Straw bags. I remember from my childhood, my mom used to have this kind of bags. They have really laid back vibe that I really enjoy. They make any kind of looks so effortless.

There is one more thing about you should know. I never can shop second hand or vintage pieces. I don’t know but I feel like some stuff feels like really smelly. And that smell makes me think all the stuff are in the store is dirty. I probably have one or piece from the vintage store. One of them is this gorgeous straw bag and the other is a very old (and used to be dirty, I cleaned it with Clorox vibes) Timex watch which coast me $5. I started to wear that old and kind of broken watch all the time last year for a while.


This bag and that Timex watch made me check and dig more and more in the vintage stores. But I still feel like I need to find cleaner and not smelly stores. I hate when they dump everything in a mess. Please comment on the places you usually shop in below and tell me about your experiences with these kinds of stores. I want to be a vintage second-hand shopper so I need your help guys.

Oversized Sweater: Superga (last season)
Fringe Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Elle Shoes
Straw Bag: Williamsburg (I can’t remember the boutique name)
Sunnies: Quay Australia (old)
Double Finger Ring: Charlotte Valkeniers
Lipstick: Chanel


Arriana and I have kind of trouble to find a time to do our shootings. So she was kind enough to come to my neighbourhood this time. And It was a good opportunity to do some of our shootings in Greenpoint where I started to be very fond of.