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Is Vegan Leather Ethical? – Thoughts on Vegan leather

January 13, 2017

First of all, I am not Vegan. It is really hard to be Vegan if you are from Adana. We worship meat in my hometown. There are some parts of the city people start their day with the liver kebab. Sounds gross but It is culture. What can you about it? This is an updated version of this article and I am glad I updated from Vegan Leather Jacket: My Newest Obsession to Thoughts on Vegan leather: Is Vegan Leather Ethical.

It’s really difficult to keep up with all the information in this world. I thought I was doing something nice when I purchase this Vegan Leather Jacket a year ago by saving animals. But this time I learned that I was killing the environment with some terrible materials. When you check closely the materials you purchase you are gonna see PU – polyurethane name. But what is “polyurethane*”? I am not gonna put bunch of scientific explanation in your mind but It’s extremely toxic. *By clicking the name you can see definition and more info.

Vegan Leather Jacket: Urbancode | Skirt: Forever 21 (old) | Sweater/Shirt: Zara | Boots: Sam Edelman | Brim Fedora: Gorin Bros (old) | Watch: Daniel Wellington

Of course, ethical fashion something we should all go and aim for. And that makes us want this even more with the designers like Stella McCartney. Her high-end shoes and bags are my long-time wish list. ( Apparently not gonna happen anytime soon.) But It comes to mainstream brands like Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters I start to concern even more.  

Thoughts on Vegan leather: Is Vegan Leather Ethical

It’s hard to promote to look I did a year ago after I learned about how bad and unethical Vegan leather might be. But you still have the imagination to put my look together in your mind as much as the best way for both your taste and for the sake of the environment.

Being thirty years old changed me entirely. I am more and more focused on stuff I use for my babies, for my own health and everything. It’s fascinating how people change in a year. I am sorry for promoting vegan leather a year ago. But I am glad I am more mature now before doing the same thing from now on. I am glad this wasn’t a sponsored post or anything. That’s even worse.

Thoughts on Vegan leather: Is Vegan Leather Ethical

I hope you enjoy my a year later adjustment on Thoughts on Vegan leather: Is Vegan Leather Ethical. So what do you think about this subject?

Let’s debate. I am open to other ideas. Please educate me more on this subject.

Thoughts on Vegan leather: Is Vegan Leather Ethical

Thoughts on Vegan leather: Is Vegan Leather Ethical