This is What You call Come Back! Google Glass 2.0 is Back

May 21, 2019

It was a cold 2013 February day and I was back in Turkey to plan my wedding. (Yikes! It has been so long, starting feel like old? Who am I kidding? I’m still 25 years old in my mind.) After I made my morning Turkish coffee, I decided to check my Twitter for browsing that day’s news. All the tech people around the world was so excited about the news of Google Glass.

And I remember now how I was so excited about the news. This was before I launched Alley Girl (aka, the Fashion Technology Blog). Wow, now I understand why I was so excited about it.

As you can imagine It was the first ever technology involved goggles. It came way before Snapchat Spectacles, Magic Leap One and Microsoft’s HoloLens. By the way, you did hear about the others, right?

Some were laughing some were disappointed and sad when Google killed the Google Glasses back in 2015. There were multiple concerns about the product and health issue is one of the major ones.

Apparently, Google Glass learned the errors and mistakes and now planning to focus on enterprise. Google Glass is now making in factory product lines, workers in the health industry and warehouses to reduce human mistake on their job.

I don’t know you but I am very excited to see Google Glass 2.0 is back. More strong than ever.

Welcome back old friend!

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