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Techie Valentine’s Day 2018 Ideas for Him

January 17, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a tricky day. You never know if you should get serious about this day and fully get ready or just have a simple dinner and movie night. Especially if you’ve just started dating someone you really like.

If you don’t know the person that well, options are limited to perfume or experience gifts like a spa day. But If you know your partner really well, finding a gift getting easier.

Since I am your fashion technology gal, I’ve decided to give you ideas around technology gadgets that your significant one is going to love.

Techie Valentine’s Day 2018 Ideas for Him

Roost Laptop StandFatih absolutely love this product. He keeps saying that this was the best technology purchase he’s ever made. This stand helps to prevent neck pain if you have long working hour in front of your laptop. the best thing is about Roost, It’s foldable and very light to carry around. You boy definitely gonna love this. $75.95

Apple Wireless Headset: Then again, this is probably one of the best gadgets for not only your significant one but you. As a new mom, most of the times I need to deal with things while I am holding my babies. These wireless headsets are a lifesaver because I don’t have to deal with my phone. $159.00

Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Bike Lock With Theft Detection: If you live in the city like New York, street theft is something you don’t wanna deal. This is a great gift for your bike loving partner. It has theft alert, keyless entry and self-charging features. $179.99

Double Leather Charger Roll Up: If your partner also doesn’t like the mess in his study, This is the stylish cover up with cable and charger. Really looks the most stylish roll up in out there. $79

Designs Protective Cover For GoPro Hero: This is a great product for adventure lovers. You have to keep safe your Go Pro. This product comes with small cover bag. $14.97 (Consider buying this item with a GoPro.)

Remote Control Millennium Falcon – Star Wars: This is a great gift for Star Wars Lovers. I’d actually love that to have one of these. $309.95

If you have budget up to $500, check the rest of Techie Valentine’s Day 2018 Ideas for Him List.

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