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Techie Father Day Gift Ideas

June 12, 2015

Perhaps Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas is one of the most read article in my blog. So why not do same thing for Father Day? Here is my special Father Day Gift Ideas.

For twenty something years old girl It feels like every dad got older and older, so I should buy new shave set or send him a good bottle of wine. But we have also pretty younger generation which is expecting cool gift anymore. Even My dad and father in law are +50 years old and they are getting  pretty obsessed with technology nowadays. Meaning that this article is  a must now.

1. Kodiak Portable Power Bank $49.95

If your father loves camping like mine, then this might be really good idea. Plus It has a reasonable price.  A high school kid can buy this easily. So you do.


2. Swiss Tech Mega Max Folding Multi Tool $ 30

You dad might have a Swiss Tool Kit. There is nothing wrong to give him this smart pocket knife. It features an LED flashlight, Phillips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, 6 hex drivers, T25 star driver, English flat wrench set, metric flat wrench set, nail puller, and pry bar. Check the image. It looks pretty bad-ass.


3. The Sharper Image Digital Camera Binoculars $70

Sharp-looking dads need sharp image. Number 3 can work with number 1. It is ideal for hunter souls and camp lovers!


4. Magtitan Neo Legend Band $79.50-170

The Neo Legend bracelet looks just like the one Tony Stark wears in the beloved Avengers movie.


5. Camera Dolly Slider $109

Perhaps your dad thinks he is J. J. Abrahams. Don’t bully him. Buy this portable camera dolly slider and encourage him to make  his own epic family sagas.



6. Apple Watch 38mm Milanese Loop $149 (this is the band price, calculate watch price individually)

Everybody has an idea about smart watches. To me AppleWatch is most successful one. I am telling this with fashion approach. You can criticize it about technical features. But If you are a fashion lover there is no doubt Apple is the most successful one for wear-ability.

I personally love Milanese Loop. It is perfect band for classy dads.



7. Fitbit Surge Wireless Fitness Watch $249.95

Perfect gift for sportsman. This sporty watch motivates your dad to achieve his fitness goals by calculating GPS distance, calories burned, elevation climbed and steps taken throughout the day and features a low-profile touchscreen display to indicate his real-time progress.


8. Marshall Stanmore Speaker $400

If your dad is one Rufus Humphrey kind of dad, he is definitely going to enjoy this gift. I personally love Marshall as a speaker brand. Perhaps It is because my childhood memories.


Enjoy your list. Please add your eye-catching gift solutions as a comment! Every contribute gratefully appreciated!

Until next time stay awesome!


P.S. The main image source is Surfline.