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A Stylish Tech Blogger in New York Tech Day 2016

April 28, 2016

The main purpose of my blog was talking about fashion tech companies from the city. This is why I called myself alley girl. The girl from Silicon Alley. That’s who I am. My blog evolved to fashion, style and New York guide after my first year with you guys. I still enjoy to write about chic tech stuff, though. I am known as stylish tech blogger now in the events I attend 🙂

The New York Tech Day organizer must have think same way. They send me a VIP pass for all day. I was thrilled to see the crowd. It was more bigger than previous years. I met couple of entrepreneurs and startups. I love them all.

Chic Sketch took my attention with their set up right away. This huge screen shows a sketch of me by co-founder and illustrator Emily Brickel Edelson.

You could have your own sketches like all the celebrities do now via Chic Sketch! All the sketches are handmade not a crated by a software which makes the product unique and authentic. Check the app from here. I am huge of this app. You are going to see so many sketches of my looks 🙂

The next start up I love is Bonbouton.

We all are talking about wearable technology but nobody has achieved to reach mass markets yet. Because most of the wearable tech gadgets or accessories are still too expensive. I believe companies like Bonbouton is going to change this fate of fashion tech industry. Bonbouton develops these t-shirts which track your body temperature, breathing rate, pulse, steps, sleep… what else do we need?

What makes me thrilled about their technology is that they develop this string-like gadget which you can attach whatever clothes you want and still track your health with it. This DIY kit technology makes your favorite clothes wearable technology pieces! I just love love the idea!!

I wish I could meet more technology focussed fashion startups. Still I applaud NY Tech Day team for making our community more strong and reaching more people than ever!







As a stylish tech blogger I wear this ripped jeans to make my look edgier which is more relatable with tech people’s simplicity. But Is till can’t help with my heel obsession. So What do you think about my look? Do I look like my sketch?